10 Fashion Trends to Watch for in 2017

25th Feb 2017

The new year is here and it’s time to revamp that wardrobe and enter 2017 in style. What better way to start the year than by giving yourself a new look?

The hottest fashion trends of 2017 are all about combining classic styles with clothes designed for comfort. Khaki, nudes, denim, and athleisure will all be big this year, along with message tees and fun 80s inspired looks. Check out our fashion forecast for the top 10 style trends that will blow up in 2017, complete with tips and ideas on how to make the hottest trends work for you.

Big Sleeves

long lace sleeves

From long, flowy bell sleeves that make you feel like an enchantress to shorter, baby-bell sleeves that add a dramatic flare to your blouse, there’s a way to make this popular fashion trend for 2017 work for you. Vintage loving gals can definitely rock long lace sleeves, while sophisticated fashionistas can opt for a more subtle look with a smaller bell sleeve. Whatever the style, expect everyone to embrace a wider, more billowy sleeve with their shirts and tops this year.

Baby Got Back!

buy backless shoes

The return of the backless shoe trend means it’s time to start stocking your closet with more slingbacks, open-heel booties, and stacked sandals. Backless shoes look edgy and also help elongate your legs. With open-heel shoes being one of the fashion trends of 2017 that everyone’s talking about, it never hurts to start shopping now for this summer’s must-have footwear. Keep an eye out for high-heeled faux leather sandals for the warmer months, soft suede platform clogs for fall, and slinky peek-a-boo boots for any season.

Speak-Your-Mind Tees

Cute Comfort tee designs

Fashion forecasters are anticipating that t-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts that express how you really feel will remain popular in 2017. As more young people are becoming politically active, designers have taken note and are spreading the word through fashion. The message tee trend isn’t all about being serious. Wear your favorite long-sleeved tee to inspire others and make a fun, positive statement while still looking stylish.

80s Inspired Colors and Styles

denim skirt

Other 80s-themed trends have come back around in recent years, but this year, our fashion forecasters are anticipating a few unseen 80s fashion trends to make a comeback in 2017. Expect all the cool kids to be rocking high tops once again, and during the winter, everyone will remember just how cozy and “totally awesome” leg warmers look and feel when paired with boots. Denim will continue its reign as the must-have item, but this year, you’ll definitely want to get a denim skirt or dress to pair with your new bell-sleeve top.

Khaki and Nude Tones

donning black or skin-tone clothes

Shades of nude and monochrome palettes made a big splash on the runway this past year, so expect these color fashion trends of 2017 to hit the streets soon. Say what you will about Kanye or the Kardashians, but we’ll be living in a post-Yeezy world this year. The most stylish among us will be turning things up by dressing down, donning black or skin-tone clothes so as not to appear like we’re trying too hard. Even if you’re a more down-home gal, you can adopt the nude-inspired trend this year by wearing tan, khaki, or even more subdued shades, like taupe, blush, and faded neutrals.

Athleisure Fashions

athleisure wear

The hot-as-ever athleisure wear craze is another fashion trend of 2017 that’s all about personal comfort and adopting a low-key style. If it looks and feels great at home or at the gym, why not wear it out to brunch or when running errands? Athleisure styles have come a long way in recent years. It’s easy to look fashionable and feel relaxed in a fitted pullover paired with colorful lounge capris—perfect for yoga or cardio.

High Necklines

colorblock tunic sweaters

Time to let go of your old, low-cut V-necks, because higher necklines will be in vogue next year. To get a jump start on this big fashion trend of 2017, stock up on colorblock tunic sweaters and tunic dresses that balance a short hemline with a higher neckline. These modest, covered-up styles are demure and elegant, adding a classic touch to any outfit. Turtlenecks will also be on trend this year, so be sure to grab a few ribbed, knit ones to have on hand in your closet.

Personalized and Monogrammed Denim

3 2017 fashion trends

In addition to seeing more denim skirts and dresses this year, another major fashion trend for 2017 will be personalized denim pieces and styles with an extra monogrammed touch. Denim fabric makes it easy to add your own slogans or designs to a favorite pair of jeans or brand new denim jacket. Monogrammed shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and jackets will take off in 2017, allowing everyone to wear something designed exclusively for them.

Stacked Earrings

Stacked Earrings

One pair of earrings just won’t do for 2017, as the trend of stacked earrings are set to take off this year. There isn’t just one way to wear stacked earrings. Mix it up by wearing the same type of earring in different sizes on the top and bottom of your lobe, or pair a stud above a dangly style. If you’re not into a punk rock look, go for an elevated classic style by wearing diamond, pearl, silver, rose gold, or sparkly studs together in different combinations.

Hot Pink is Ready to Pop!

3 pink 2017 fashion trends

Our fashion experts say that bold, bright shades of pink will be all the rage this year, making it one of the biggest fashion trends of 2017. This is your chance to embrace all things pink in your wardrobe, from girly tunics, tank tops, t-shirts, and jackets to crazy-for-pink accessories like handbags, totes, and sunglasses. Hot pink will be the de rigeur color to wear this spring and summer, so don’t be afraid to wear more vivid hues and go for the loudest pinks you can find.

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