Feminine, Flirty, Fun: Our Picks for the Perfect Night Out

18th Jan 2019

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day When it comes to your fave date night outfits, you probably already have a few go-to options. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion though, and deserves something new to make you feel on top of the world. Check out our top tips for what to wear on Valentine’s Day and discover some must-have pieces to add to your closet. Cute and Relaxed          If your date night is taking place at a pub or casual bar,  jeans and a cute top are the per … read more

Fashion 2019 trends

10th Jan 2019

Fashion Tips You Need for 2019 Step into the new year with a new you. Get to know the hottest fashion 2019 trends before they even hit the magazines and the racks. Put together an unexpected aesthetic for the upcoming year by mixing fun fads with modern versions of timeless classics. Pink Lily has an A+ selection of stylish standouts. Check out our  new arrivals first, then preview the rest of our inventory, including custom pieces that allow you to apply your own monogram to the trends you love best. Layer on the Layers … read more

New Year's Eve Looks You'll Love

11th Dec 2018

It's not too late to put together a killer holiday ensemble for the upcoming run of parties. Pink Lily has curated a standout selection of hot New Year's Eve outfits you won't be able to resist. At the end of the year, pay homage to some of the past year's most fashionable trends. Splash out in a  romper that's both cute and comfortable. Dazzle the entire room in sparkling rose gold. Grab something silver that ensures you'll be the most stunning creature at the party. You can even toss out traditional colors and step out wea … read more

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Girl Who Has Everything

22nd Nov 2018

Need inventive gift ideas for the girl who has everything? Don't be discouraged that you have to pick out presents for a woman who has it all. You can still discover the perfect item--something that will make her eyes light up and her smile blossom. You're in luck this holiday season. We have an impressive array of gift ideas for the girl who has everything. Avoid all of the traditional gift buying guides; she probably has more than one of those things already. Opt for personalized presents that will appeal to her pers … read more

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts She Will Love

21st Nov 2018

The holiday season is upon us again. The big question is, what do you give the woman who means the world to you? Give her gifts she will love and presents that she will use the entire year. Think about what she likes, her style, and the things that interest her. Has she dropped any hints in the months leading up to the holidays? There's nothing better than presenting someone you love with a beautifully wrapped present and watch their eyes light up as they unwrap it. Instead of anxiously worrying about whether or not yo … read more