Average to Extraordinary: How to Dress Well Every Day

8th Oct 2016

Elevating your everyday go-to outfit is simpler than most ladies think and simpler than the fashionistas let on. Taking the average outfit to extraordinary status requires only attention to details and an eye for statement pieces that capture your mood whether that be fun, serious, sassy, edgy or any other side you want to show the world.

Follow the tips and outfit suggestions below to put together no-stress, outfits that reveal how to dress well every day.

Start Strong

The first step beyond average looks requires that we start strong with the latest trendy clothes. This means taking a second look at a piece you may have once dismissed on first glance as too colorful, too hard to match, or too hard to pull off. Trust us, starting strong is not about the item; it is about having confidence to rock it.

Stripes Say It All


Stripes are an easy way to add an exciting and attractive color contrast that can take any basic outfit to the next level. Try this Groovy Expression striped grey dress. The tri-color stripes blend perfectly for a soft, feminine effect. The turtleneck and lovely drape give this top a dash of chic, transforming what would have been a basic jeans and sweater combination to an extraordinary outfit.

Over the years, the fashion world has both loved and vilified stripes. Do not listen to the stripe nay-sayers. Making stripes work just requires the willingness to spend a little extra time in the mirror figuring out the details—like whether narrow or wide stripes work best for your body type and which color contrasts make you shine.

For the Heel of It

Shoes are a fashionista’s most powerful, statement making weapon. Among the vast assortment of the latest trendy clothes and shoes, heels are her favorite. Donning the right pair of heels is like adding an exclamation point to any outfit. They give you a few extra inches when desired while also showing off the best definition your legs and calves have to offer.


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With its ability to create a variety of styles across time, regions, and cultures, leather is a fashion-world favorite and a no-miss ticket from average to extraordinary. For example, a leather skirt adds an immediate touch of urban sophistication to any outfit. At the same time, some leather accessories can give an outfit a fabulous rustic country feel, making you a walking example of how someone can dress well every day, anywhere.  

Throw a leather jacket on top of a pair of jeans or a dress to give them edge. Leather shoes and boots—whether they are heels or knee highs—can elevate any outfit. Even a simple leather purse can do the trick, like our Smitten with Fringe leather clutch. Joining this long fringe with the clutch’s sleek envelope shape creates a fun, country-classy look.


When it comes to making your latest trendy clothes stand out above the rest, your lips will say it all. Whether a bold matte or shimmery and soft gloss, the perfect shade of lipstick is a must. Pick an eye-popping color with a monochromatic blouse or dress to draw attention to your face. For an edgier look, choose an accent color from your outfit to tie it all together.


Sunglasses are a super-fun and timeless accessory. For a bohemian chic look, try a pair of retro cat-eye or round lenses. If you are in a tough-girl mood, aviators are striking and heighten your cool factor.

An Element of Surprise

As much as fashion is about the expected, it is also about the unexpected. Average outfits become fashionable and contemporary when you combine your classic pieces with creative pairings. Bring in an element of surprise by adding splashes of bright color, embroidered pieces, and graphic designs. Learn to incorporate the old and new with these tips on how to dress well every day.


Neon Colors

This season’s colors include earth tones like browns and olives, and deep hues like chocolate and rust. Embrace the season’s styles while venturing out and consider adding neon accents like this Monogrammed Orange Tailgate Tote to your outfit. This bright orange pairs perfectly with the latest trendy clothes, while spicing up a basic denim and sweatshirt day.

Embroidered Patterns


Floral patterns are in this season, but this does not mean that you only have to wear floral prints. Break the floral print mode with our Edge of Seasons black dress. A delicate floral pattern embroidered with bright pink, mint, yellow, mauve, and blue emboldens this casual black dress with an eye-catching design. The dress is a soft cotton blend with delicate hints of lace. Its free-flowing shape is flattering on any body type, making sure you will love how comfortable it feels.

Graphic Tee


Everyone loves plain tees for their versatility and chic simplicity. However, if you are trying to emulate the latest trendy clothes, choose a tee with a cute or funny graphic design. This Jadelynn Brooke Doughs Before Bros Tank earns smiles and compliments. The bright pink is about as irresistible as a good donut. This tank brings the fun to your favorite jeans, denim shorts, or a cute mini skirt.

Statement Jacket

As the weather cools down, prolong the life of any lightweight outfit and showcase your ability to to dress well every day with a statement jacket. Choose jackets with bright colors and interesting textures like leather, denim, or corduroy. For something a little more embellished, add cute studs, sew-on patches, pins, or rhinestones.

Easy Tips

If you have found your statement pieces and accessories, you’re almost set! Just follow these easy tips to put the finishing touch on all of your outfits.

Pay Attention to Detail

Embrace all things unique and snazzy, from pockets to buttons and thread colors. Sometimes it’s the small details that transform ordinary pieces to the latest trendy clothes. When putting your outfits together, consider the outfit as whole. Always remember that fabulous looks happen when all the pieces work together.

Add a Cuff

Next time you slip into a pair of jeans, roll a neat cuff at the bottom just for the fun of it. This minor alteration—reminiscent of the 1950s—is a fun way to give you a vintage look while showing off your ankles. For a relaxed, beachy look, add some sandals and an adorable anklet.

With cuffs, you don’t have to limit yourself with jeans, as they also work with shirts and blouses. Make that full-length plaid collared shirt a cute, three-quarter length sleeve in seconds. Again, dangle a shiny little bracelet on your wrists for added effect.

Drape Outerwear

A beautifully draped scarf or poncho is a wonderful example on how to dress well every day. Take a cue from Renaissance royalty, as most classic paintings showcase beautifully draped fabric and clothing. Draping is, by nature, a sign of elegance. Watch any runway show from New York to Paris, and you will see designers use draped pieces to make their lines stunning. Feel free to add this fashion must to your own style and wardrobe.  

Mix and Match Patterns

Gone are the days during which we were forbidden to mix patterned pieces. Today’s latest trendy clothes include a vast collection of clashing prints. Have fun with prints and patterns. If you have two designs that complement or even contrast in a fun way, wear them together with pride.  


Fall’s chilly winds give us the perfect reason to layer for warmth and stylish effect. For a girls’ night or date night, choose your favorite pair of jeans and boots and build from there. Pick that blouse you love but think is too light to wear by itself and add a cardigan or puffed vest, a cargo jacket, and top it off with a chunky or textured scarf. With all these options, you can choose the combination of layers through the night that will keep you warm and looking fabulous.

Elevating Style

When elevating your style, put into consideration everything you wear—from head-to-toe!

Change Up Your Hairstyles

It is really easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same hairstyles over and over again. We can spend hours finding ways to unlock the secrets of an outfit and then forget to give the same amount of consideration to our crown.

If you are ponytail or bun kind of girl, change it up by letting your hair down. Loose hairstyles create a flowy style for a beachy, yet chic, look. If you always wear your hair down, try out an upside-down French braid or a bun. Up-dos instantly add a polished appeal to any outfit, while also showcasing your earrings. Remember: the key to dressing well every day is to use the element of surprise to your advantage.

Add Glitter and Shine

Finding the perfect pair of earrings or statement necklaces is an easy way to enhance the latest trendy clothes and accessories. This season’s focus on browns and earth tones provides a wonderful backdrop for gold and silver. For a look that is more glam, experiment with colored gemstones.

Higher Heels

High heels are a timeless classic—but this year the question is, “How high can you go?” The answer is, “The higher the better!” There are no shortage of heels to choose from. Have fun with traditional pumps and wedges or branch out into chunky heels, slingbacks, ankle straps, or high-heeled boots. Adding a heel will give you a few extra inches and is a sure-fire way to to transform any outfit.

Layer Patterns

As we said earlier, feel free to mix and match prints. However, don’t think of this only in terms of tops and bottoms—stack your patterns and prints as well! For example, layer a houndstooth jacket over a polka dot blouse. Make sure to choose one pattern as the dominant print, and include at least one common color.

If you are into the geometric print shirts and dresses, pair your favorite print with a striped cardigan. Consider stipes to be your neutral palette, layering multicolored patterns over the muted pinstripes.

Cool Purses


Even as babies, fashionistas waddled in diapers with their mother’s purses to emulate an effortless, feminine style. All these years later, purses are still major fashion statements among the latest trendy clothes. This season’s wide ranging color pattern gives us plenty of hues to choose from. The attention to sharp lines and eclectic patterns give you tons of room to express individual style, while staying at the top of fashion trends.

To elevate any look, try our navy Bailey Monogrammed Tasseled Crossbody purse. Reminiscent of classic European fashion, the gold chain adds a shine and class factor. Adjustable for modern practicality, the chain is removable, converting this purse to a clutch in no time.

Monochromatic Tights

With the wide assortment of fleece tights available through Pink Lily’s catalogue, you can wear your favorite skirts and dresses well into fall and winter. Become the poster girl on how to dress well every day by staying warm and layering your outfit with a complementing pair of tights. The range of colors will give you countless options for all of your outfits.

Add a Duster

If you love cardigans and sweaters, try out a duster to stay on top of the latest trendy clothes. These extra-long but light cardigan-inspired pieces are a stylish twist on old classics. They tend to add a sense of drama and seriousness to most outfits. For a more fashion-forward statement, add a colorful belt over the duster to help keep it in place.


Top with a Vest

Layering and stacking with vests and cardigans is a traditional, tried-and-true tip, but think outside of the box when it comes to your top layers. Go sleeveless with our Always Here for You Plaid Cardigan, and play with layers as you choose the perfect blouse. The black and white pattern is both geometric and edgy, topping all the latest trendy clothes. Pair it with skirts, dresses, trousers, or jeans. Again, remember to have fun mix and matching your patterns.

Accessorize for Different Looks

Back to Basics

For girls who like to keep it simple but stunning, the basic jeans and tank outfit will always have a place in fashion royalty. You can still embrace elevating styles like ripped jeans, tanks with fun graphic designs, stripes, and polka dots. Learn how to dress well every day with these casually chic looks.

https://cdn3.bigcommerce.com/s-3myigocg/products/6127/images/43736/4312__73669.1469822024.500.750.jpg?c=2https://cdn3.bigcommerce.com/s-3myigocg/products/6297/images/45710/3227__91014.1470840164.500.750.jpg?c=2Image 1

For the Beach Look

Give the appearance that you have just come from the beach with this laid-back look. To master the perfect sun-kissed look, pair this crocheted crop top with the gorgeous Do You Dare Horn Pendant Necklace and brightly colored round sunglasses.

https://cdn3.bigcommerce.com/s-3myigocg/products/5794/images/39353/4824__56307.1467399548.500.750.jpg?c=2Image 1Image 1

For the Flower Girl

Unlock your inner flower power with these floral-inspired fashions. Our Garden Getaway Kimono cardigan is another play on this traditional sweater style. Complete the look with a peach rhinestone necklace and our groovy round retro sunglasses.  

50s Inspired

Image 1Image 1Image result for audrey hepburn

Some of this year’s fall fashions for women are inspired by menswear and retro styles. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and use these trends to incorporate additional elements of surprise to the latest trendy clothes. Pair a men’s white collared shirt with this Wild Wanderer Infinity scarf and sassy Cat Eyes glasses. Top the look off with a feminizing bold shade of lipstick and some pearl earrings.

With these tips and outfit combinations, you will quickly master how to dress well every day. Remember the road to extraordinary fashion statements should be fun-filled and end with outfits that make you look and feel fantastic.

For more outfits, ideas, and statement pieces, visit Pink Lily. We are always here for you!