Back to School Fashion

24th Aug 2017

Fall is on the way, and it’s time to break out your wardrobe favorites! To match the breezy weather, Pink Lily has back to college fashion that you’ll love showing off around campus!

Fall Colors

Fall back to school fashion lets you express yourself with warm colors that give off a cozy vibe! Dark purples and maroons will match your favorite lipstick shades! Orange you glad fall is back? Check out our fall entire clothing collection to see our latest arrivals!

Fall Patterns

There’s nothing quite like a traditional flannel shirt for fall. This pattern has a look of its own, and is easy to pair with your favorite leggings or skinny jeans. Stripes and plaid are also fun fall patterns that will make a bold look when layering your favorite designs.

Fall Materials

Fleece is one of our back to school fashion favorites for the fall season. When you’re trekking from class to class on campus, it can get a bit chilly, and a good fleece jacket is the perfect thing to throw on. This soft material keeps you warm without smothering you in layers of fabric. Cozy knits are also a big hit, and create a sophisticated look, while keeping you comfortable.

Incorporating School Colors

With football season in full swing, you’ve got to rock your school colors in the fall! There are many different ways you can mix and match your vibrant school shades! Try accent pieces, like jewelry for subtle hints of school pride or a classic tee under a flowy cardigan.

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