Best Back to School Outfits

9th Aug 2016

As you start off another school year, you want to make sure that you have great stories about what you did all summer to tell your friends—as well as the best back-to-school outfits. With a few tips on how to show off your back to school beauty and fashion essentials from The Pink Lily Boutique, you’ll be more than ready to hit the ground running for the new school year.

Choosing Colors for Your Back to School Looks

Brown booties Geometric dress

As the semester begins, you’ll want to keep your back to school outfit full of summer style and bring that sunny energy into the classroom. Since it’s still hot through August and September, go ahead and bring your favorite summer shades to school with you. Summer is a time to show off your relaxed spirit with bright colors that reflect heat to keep you cool, such as blue, red, and green. However, as the weather begins to cool down and the semester gets into full swing, prepare for midterms by switching your back to school fashion essentials and embracing warm fall colors like brown, burgundy, and navy blue.

If you’re more of a fan of prints than solids, this summer’s hottest prints include big, bold gingham patterns. Stripes are another summer classic, with various textures, colors, and designs popping up all season. And of course, you can’t forget the most summery print—florals! Whether you choose a traditional floral pattern or an abstract print straight from the runway, there’s no better way to celebrate the summer look.

Following the Fall Trends

This fall, there are all kinds of exciting back to school outfit trends emerging, ranging from patterns and accessories to detailing and sparkles. Pinstripes are a particularly popular print this fall—and for good reason! Their long, thin lines are one of the most universally flattering looks for all body types.

Try a Celebrity-Inspired Style

Let’s face it, there’s no one better at creating eye-catching style sensations than the people who do it for a living: celebrities. As you head back to school this year, consider who your back to school outfit fashion inspiration will be:

  • Pixie Lott: British pop star Pixie Lott’s style epitomizes the trendy casual look. Her easygoing look takes inspiration from 80s fashion, giving off a relaxed but edgy and sexy vibe. For one easy take on the singer’s style, try out The Victoria Jeans from The Pink Lily Boutique with one of your favorite 80s-inspired blouses. This outfit will quickly become one of your back to school fashion essentials.
  • Elle Fanning: Up and coming it girl Elle Fanning has mastered a laid-back style that puts the shine on her rising star. It’s not uncommon to see the starlet out and about in a stylish athleisure look. Some of Elle’s style keys are versatile pieces in black or denim that look effortlessly sophisticated. To emulate the actress’s look, check out our Jungle Love Tank Maxi Dress, which is a simple and ultra-chic outfit. Black and white outfit
  • Lea Michele: Former Glee star Lea Michele is known for her sophisticated and classy style. This black Scalloped Skirt is exactly the sort of thing you might expect to see the Broadway belter wearing with a classy collared shirt and casual blazer combo. Capelets, another Michele favorite, will be a big trend in transitional back to school fashion essentials this fall.
  • Lily Collins: Actress and model Lily Collins has embraced a one-of-a-kind, playful style that will stand out in any crowded school this fall. Collins’s fun style often features unique shapes and prints that catch the eye and draw attention to her playful spirit. Tribal prints are one bold favorite that the starlet loves, but you can also imitate her style with chic animal prints or whimsical pop culture inspired prints. Collins loves to wear pieces with interesting shapes, from chic takes on overalls and crop tops to skirts that use accents like fringe and lace to create that extra dimension. Our Tulle For You skirt, with its deft layering, is a perfect way to capture this talented actress’s free spirited style at school.

Pick the Perfect Shoes and Accessories for Back to School Style

Your back to school style doesn’t just stop with the clothes you select. It takes shoes and accessories to pull together a whole outfit. No matter which vibe you’re going for, there’s shoes, jewelry, and back to school beauty and fashion essentials to match.

Monogrammed cuff

  • Trendy Casual: If you’re going for a trendy casual look, you’ll want to select shoes and jewelry that are comfortable and relaxed, but still have a bit of edge. In warmer weather, your favorite pair of casual slip-ons will suffice, while in cooler weather, a comfortable but chic ankle boot, like these Heydey Booties, does the trick nicely. Polish up your look with chunky, yet simple jewelry pieces that add a splash of color or glitz to your low-key look, like stacking rings or this gorgeous Monogrammed Leather Cuff bracelet for the best back to school outfit.
  • Laid-Back: The laid-back look is all about embracing comfort, so during the warmer months, put on a fresh coat of toenail polish and a pair of relaxed sandals. With the fall, trade your sandals for boots, booties, or even a chic pair of athleisure sneakers. A long, thin necklace and matching thin bracelet are the perfect jewelry pair to go with a versatile maxi.
  • Sophisticated: Sophisticated accessorizing is all about embodying classiness. When you’re choosing shoes and jewelry, think about emulating an old Hollywood starlet. To keep cool during the first couple of months of the school year, an elegant sandal heel like the Maya Heels is the perfect accent to a Lea Michele-inspired look. During the cooler fall months, a classic pair of women’s loafers will keep your feet toasty and your style classy. The sophisticated dresser also knows exactly how to pair the most timeless jewelry looks—think pearls, diamonds, and monograms—with her favorite outfits to create an elevated back to school outfit.

    Flower necklace

    Our In Your Heart Tonight necklace and earring set combines pearls and diamond-look rhinestones for a matching jewelry combination that’s full of elegance and grace.

  • Playful: If your chosen style is all about embracing a fun, whimsical look, there are plenty of shoe styles that match this aesthetic. We love the intricate look of a good pair of gladiator sandals in summer, or the equally flirty and fantastic look of these Binge On Fringe Booties, both of which highlight your fun side while showing off your legs. When it comes to jewelry, the playful look is all about bold, unforgettable looks. This statement jewelry, like a Gold and Ivory necklace, featuring chunky shapes and multiple colors, is a back to school beauty essential.

Pack Your Book Bag in Style!

If there’s one essential accessory for school, it’s definitely your bag. After all, you need something to haul your books, binders, and school supplies!

Fringed booties

There are a lot of different styles that work well for this purpose, but the most popular ones are certainly the messenger bag, the backpack, and the tote.

The advantage of a messenger bag is that it tends to be the easiest to carry, since it goes over your shoulder. Styles with a padded shoulder strap are particularly comfortable when you have a lot of heavy textbooks to lug around. And of course, there are many different styles to choose from, with all kinds of detailing to express your personality.

A canvas backpack is the most frequently used school bag, and for good reason. These cute and casual bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need all school year long, and the material is extremely durable.

No matter which bag is your favorite style, there’s an easy way to make yours one-of-a-kind, with monogramming from The Pink Lily Boutique. Adding your initials to a bag with a custom monogram is a back to school fashion essential, and it creates an extra chic vibe, while distinguishing your bag so that you’ll always stand out at school.

Striped bags

Back to School Hair Tips

There’s no better time of year to embrace a new ‘do than back to school time. No matter what length you’re going with this school year, here are some great ideas for styling your hair in a trendy way.

  • Short Hair: If you’re rocking a chin-length cut, one of the easiest ways to get a chic look for school is to give it a deep side part, then blow dry your locks straight with the aid of a boar’s head brush. Add a little gloss spray for an extra shiny look. Another great look that’s surprisingly easy to achieve with short hair is a loose side braid. Let your hair air dry to bring out its natural waves, then take a triangle section of your hair and loosely braid it, using bobby pins to hold the braid in place for a boho-chic look.
  • Medium Hair: Medium length hair looks great in a variety of half-up, half-down styles. Pull it back into a half ponytail, or go for a more unique look with a trendy half-topknot. To get this look, part the front section of your hair away from the back, then twist into a tight topknot. Alternatively, you can put all of your hair up into a messy bun, then add a pair of thin, sparkly headbands to make it look more elaborate than the quick style it really is.
  • Long Hair: If you’re rocking long locks this back to school season, a bedhead braid is an easy way to keep it out of the way during class. Braid your hair around to the side, keeping it loose enough to look like you just woke up that way. Another relaxed hairstyle is the half up side-do, a twist on the familiar half-up look. Just gather half your hair into a side ponytail, then sweep the rest over that shoulder for a funky take on a classic look.

No matter what your style preferences are, there’s something to make everyone stand out this fall at The Pink Lily Boutique. Shop our back to school style selection to get ready for the new year!