Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

18th Aug 2017

Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

Bikinis to Suit Your Body

While bathing suit season is scary for many, Pink Lily makes it easy to find the best bathing suits for your body type with a variety of bikinis to suit your body. From large busts to small, curvy to athletic shapes, there are plenty of trendy styles that make shopping for bikinis a breeze! When you shop with us, you’ll feel confident and enjoy your time in the sunshine!

If you’re looking for the perfect bikinis to suit your body, read on for our top tips!

Small Busts

If you’ve got petite bikini body type, you know that small busts can be difficult to work with. Some are looking to enhance what they’ve got, while others love their smaller look.

If you’re looking to create the illusion of a larger bust, try a top that features ruffles, beading, or embellishments on a triangle top. To accentuate your small shape instead, choose bold prints and tiny bandeaus that let you flaunt what you’ve got.

Large Busts

For the ladies who struggle to find a bikini that won’t look like they’re “spilling out” of, the best bathing suits for your body type is a classic one-piece. You’ll get a piece that accentuates your curves and offers a wider shoulder strap to keep your ladies supported. Additional support can be found in bikinis that come with padding, underwire, or sporty styles. Avoid strappy tops that provide little to no support for your chest.

No Booty, No Problem

Not all of us ladies have a round rump, so if your bikini body type is a little flatter, you’ll want to look for enhancing embellishments and details. Bikinis to suit your body and flatter your tush include cheekies, large prints, bright colors, and ruched shapes.

Plus Size

For our curvy beach babes, best bathing suits for your body type is a monokini. It’ll hug every inch and create that dreamy hour glass shape. Avoid loud prints and busy styles, and opt for a solid color with subtle designs. If you’ve got your heart set on a bikini, but you’re still a little shy, try high waisted bottoms that cover anything you feel like hiding.

No matter your bikini body type, Pink Lily makes your beach vacations a dream come true! Find trendy styles and exclusive looks when you shop online for the perfect bikinis to suit your body with us!