Bump-Friendly Holiday Looks To Die For!

31st Oct 2019

Have you started to dig through your maternity T-shirts and leggings to find the perfect holiday outfit yet? Stop excavating your closet! There's no need to resign yourself to what's in your wardrobe when you shop with Pink Lily. We receive new arrivals on the daily, giving you ample opportunity to find comfy maternity clothes that will get you through the rounds of family dinners, gift exchanges, and parties that pop up during this time of year.

A Casual Holiday

woman in a striped sweater and sunglasses

It's hard to get through the holiday season in comfortable clothing. Everybody expects so much in the way of style. After all, what's the holiday run without a little glam? Fortunately, you can make it through in a selection of maternity T-shirts, j eans, and leggings. All you have to do is embrace a casual aesthetic and then work it for all you're worth.

Pick out a roomy T-shirt that leaves plenty of room to breathe and move. It's your choice whether you wear leggings, your favorite stretchy jeans, or even a pair of upscale joggers. The most important thing is to feel comfortable. There's no reason to restrict yourself. Finish off your outfit with a  cozy cardigan that features a lively pattern.

Off-Duty but On-Point

young woman wearing an animal print dress

For some moms-to-be, the holidays require a bit of dress up. That's easy as pie; comfy maternity clothes aren't hard to come by at all. Consider keeping it a little casual, however. For example, shop for a dress  with panache to spare, but don't go all out with something over-the-top fancy.

What you need is a frock that's effortlessly stylish but not ostentatious. Skater dresses have the perfect silhouette for off-duty looks, but if you want something more fierce, then think about a short, flowing  animal print dress. To mask your bump, retro-inspired trapeze dresses, A-line dresses, and baby doll dresses can accomplish the task.

Poncho Punch

 woman with a poncho and a purse

The holiday season is also layering season. You can't go out wearing just a maternity T-shirt. You and your precious bump will freeze! As it happens, ponchos have secured a spot on the seasonal trend lists. A poncho allows you to wear almost anything you want. You can essentially put on two outfits because the poncho is a look all its own. Since the holiday season is upon us, it's best to select something festive and fun, such as a vivid  red plaid poncho. You can throw it on over your jeans and tees to give your ensemble a more fanciful edge, or you can wear it as a statement piece over leggings or a maxi skirt. How would you style a poncho?

The Show-Off Game

woman wearing a fitted shirt dress

Are you more interested in showing off your bump than hiding it beneath your clothes? You need form-fitting yet comfy maternity clothes that cling to your torso and highlight your little bundle. Stick to a semi-formal dress code and keep your eye out for pieces that fit like a dream. PLB recommends  clinging dresses made of soft, breathable material. You can try a sweater dress, for example, and layer it over leggings for extra warmth and coverage. Dresses made of T-shirt material will serve you well, too. You can't beat their soft breathability.

Usher In Sweater Weather

woman wearing cream animal print sweate

Combine your maternity T-shirts with  sweaters for the ultimate in holiday apparel. Layering provides comfort during the holiday season. You can shed items as the temperature dictates, allowing you to keep up with your body's needs. Your bottoms can be anything, including jeans, a pencil skirt, or a pair of forgiving joggers. Slip on a showstopper of a sweater over the top of your T-shirt. Bold colors and eye-catching designs are the way to go. We're fond of animal print, one of the winter's major patterns, but plaid is a crowd-pleaser, too.

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