Casual Beach Wear for Women

7th Jul 2016

It’s official, beach season is here! Fill the cooler, pack the sunblock, and tune into some beachy vibes. Summer has arrived in its full and glorious force, but has your beach wardrobe?

There is only one way to tell if you’re ready for these beach days and summer rays. Take a brave peek into dresser drawers and check if your summertime staples are updated and ready. The casual beach wear for women must-haves include a swimsuit that sizzles, a cover-up for cooling down, a perfect pair of sandals, a classic summer hat, stylish sunglasses, and last but not least, a go-to beach tote.

The best thing about these staples is that you are allowed and encouraged to change and update them every year. However, keeping up with trends that change season to season can be daunting. With this list of casual beach wear for women and summer wardrobe staples guide, you’ll find all the beach wear and accessories for this year’s exciting summer adventures.

Bathing suits old and new

Bikini Beauties

A century ago, swimsuits were called bathing suits—and with just cause!  Women who bought swimwear from a casual beach wear for women collection bathed in a sea of fabric. After decades of strategic trimming and snipping, the bathing suit gradually shortened, lost its sleeves, and finally witnessed the disappearance of its mid-section.

At the end of its dramatic evolution, the bathing suit had changed so much that they had to completely rename it. The modern bikini as we know it started to gain traction in the 1950s.

For these advances, we can thank bikini pioneers like Bridget Bardot and Rita Hayworth, and their sizzling appeal that won over the fashion industry. Over the next few decades the bikini would survive that fateful journey from scandalous attire to summertime staple in the world of casual beach wear for women.   

The current trends in bikini fashion offer a subtle nod back to its bathing suit forebearers. For example, high-neck halter tops are currently trending, such as the net halters on this gorgeous magenta bikini.  

Other playful halter variations are popular and usually involve additional centrally located cutouts. Bikini tops sporting fringe and ruffles are making plenty of waves as well. In an exuberant switch, ruffles are now on the top, not the bottom. While there is not much room for variation in bikini bottoms, this year’s styles include low-rise bottoms with plain, net, or bow sides, as well as sporty shorts and feminine skirts.

While there will always be new trends, feel free to remain loyal to bikini classics. There is still a lot of fun to be had in those ever-changing colors and patterns. Bright, vibrant pastels and island colors are everywhere this year. Mixing and matching tops and bottoms to create new looks is also an exciting way to keep your beach look fresh and on point.

Summer coverup


We love the bikini. It provides the perfect vehicle for fashion, tanning, showing off, and keeping cool. However, wearing one all the time can get tiresome—and if you arrive at the beach in nothing but a bikini, you miss out on the fun of the big reveal.

Fortunately, fashion has provided a solution for this problem: the cover-up. Cover-ups are filling the gaping hole left in the wake of the sarong fading from its popular spot in casual beach wear. For women who appreciate the possibility of alternating bikini boldness with modest moments, a cover-up is your best friend. There is a cover-up style for every taste.

Some cover-ups slip on like robes, while others are reminiscent of short dresses or blouses. Pair the right cover-up with wedges or flat sandals, and you have a versatile wardrobe piece that makes it easy to stop for a meal or to run errands before a day at the beach.

Of course, more beach wear pieces mean more fun! Choose an accent color in your bikini to match with your cover-up or splash out and choose a bold, but complementary color. The Teal Print Halter Blouse is a dress-like cover-up that is not only lightweight, but also features a halter-like neck. The cover-up is a bit sheer, so a swim suit or cami is a must.

Brown sandals

Sacred Sandals

Swimsuits are not the only piece of women’s beach fashion that has diminished in size over the years. Beach slippers were once more like moccasins than the strappy contraptions they are today. Can you imagine all that sand trapped in your shoes and between your toes?

Now, there’s a whole new level of freedom when it comes to casual beach wear for women. After you spend weeks scouring your favorite stores for the perfect swimsuit and matching cover-up, it’s time to find matching footwear.

You may be tempted to throw on a pair of plastic flip flops, but you must resist—your toes deserve better! Check out this pair of Natalie Monogrammed Sandals that maintain the comfort of slip-ons, while elevating the look. They come in two colors—brown and black—and you can monogram your initials onto the front in the colored embroidery of your choice. You can match it to your swimsuit or go for a neutral color.

If you are looking for a different style, try a pair of strappy sandals, which come in a multitude of colors with various adornments like beaded patterns, fringe, braided textures, and accent buttons. When it comes to finding beach-appropriate sandals, you don’t have to trade comfort for looking fabulous!

Turquoise bathing suit

Elegant Hats

The 1930s penchant for straw, wide-brimmed hats is still trendy on today’s beaches. However, the wide-brimmed hats of the past were straight, stiff, and not particularly comfortable.

Modern trends in casual beach wear for women have reached back through the decades for this classic look and brought with it slight modifications: an attention to comfort and a floppy brim.

This floppy hat features a wide and bouncy brim, presenting the wearer with a bit of mischievous mystique. Perfect for the beach, floppy hats provide protection from the sun, while neutral color options like black or white straw match perfectly with the bikini and cover-up combination. The floppy hat is the season’s must-have piece for protection from the sun and a head-to-toe bold look.  

If you’re the sporty type, floppy hats may not be most ideal for beach volleyball or frisbee. In this case, feel free to stick with the classic baseball cap or visor. Regardless of which style you prefer, add a monogram to make these classic styles completely your own.   

Tinted aviator sunglasses

Sun Shades for Bright Days

While the floppy hat is a necessity from collections of casual beach wear for women, every beach ensemble needs a pair of sunglasses. Beautiful eyes need protection from ultraviolet rays and sand.

Take note of which style is particularly popular this year, but make it your fashion mission to find a pair of sun shades that best fits your face, wardrobe, and personal style. Have fun exploring different styles, such as mirrored aviators, cat eyes, or a retro, round frame from the 60s.

Figure out if your face is round, square, oval, or heart-shaped before you start looking for glasses. Also, consider your skin tone and how the frame colors will complement you. If your style is eclectic and you simply can’t choose just one pair, remember that there is no law against having two, three, or even a dozen.

Polka dot beach towel

More Than A Towel

You can open your linen closet on any given day and find plenty of towels. If the whole point of the towel is to dry you off, any one of those will do just fine. However, this doesn’t mean that all towels were created equal, or that all towels are fit for the beach. Regardless, towels are an essential part of casual beach wear for women.

If you’re serious about beach staples, then you must be serious about the beach towel. Beach towels are long enough to allow you to stretch out, relax, and catch some sun. As always, there you can accessorize with your towel to make a fashion statement. You can unfurl a towel that matches your suit or tote, and signal to fellow beach-goers that your fashion sense is complete and impeccable.

Straw summer tote

Totally Cute Tote

As you collect your summertime staples, your final need should be how you will get everything to the beach intact and in style. Give yourself an advantage by simultaneously organizing and adding the finishing touch to your look with the all-important beach tote.

The tote is more than just a bag to lug around your beach gear—it is a statement piece in the showrooms of casual beach wear for women. Whether you prefer large or small handbags, going big is always better when it comes to beach totes. For once, style and function coexist in bliss.

A bamboo print cooler tote can recall tropical destinations and drinks with tiny umbrellas. It can fit anything from food and drinks to swimwear accessories and personal belongings, while keeping everything cool. Choose a bag with bright accent colors that are part of this season’s hottest selections. It will comfortably fit your beach towel, cover-up, book, snacks, and anything else you will need during your day of lounging.

Time To Hit The Water

While fashion trends come and go, casual beach wear for women will always have its essential pieces. Assembling proper beach attire and accessories is serious business, but it’s also half the fun of the beach season.

If you need advice or help during your search for casual beach wear for women, visit The Pink Lily Boutique for a fanciful beach wear collection. We can fulfill everything on your list with our catalogue of cute, fashionable, and well-made beach items. We also offer a range of clothing items beyond the staples for fashionable outfits all year round. Here’s to looking good and feeling amazing this sizzling summer with the hottest beach styles!