Cute Cold Shoulder Tops

5th Dec 2017

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to hide under tons of layers. Our cute cold shoulder tops are the perfect choice to stay warm and stylish at the same time. We’ve collected tons of looks to help you stay up to date on everyone’s favorite trends, so check out our favorite styles here.

Off the Shoulder

Cute Cold Shoulder Tops - Off the Shoulder

Wearing a warm knit that still leaves your shoulders bare is a sultry nod to winter sweater weather. Whether it’s a cable pullover or a wool tunic, showing off just your neckline shows a little bit of skin that can be easily covered up with a scarf in case of windy weather.

Shoulder Cutouts

Cute Cold Shoulder Tops - Shoulder Cutouts

Shoulder cutouts make for some super cute cold shoulder tops that keep you bundled and show some skin at the same time. Embellished shoulder cutouts are among our favorites, as they have ties and straps that allow your shoulders to play hide and seek with the chilly weather.


Cute Cold Shoulder Tops - Backless

Sweater designs with a peak-a-boo back add a little extra sophistication to any outfit. From buttons that you can open just a bit to cutout lace designs around your neckline, anything that shows a little bit of back if adorable in our book!

Chest Cutouts

Cute Cold Shoulder Tops - Chest Cutouts

Cute cold shoulder tops don’t stop at the shoulder. With cutouts around the chest, you can find super unique sweaters that still feel cozy. Pair them with jeans or leggings and some boots to create the most comfortable outfit this winter.

Open Arms

Cute Cold Shoulder Tops - Open Arms

Accept winter weather with open arms when you choose a sweater that shows them off. These long sleeve cuties with laced sleeves will let your arms feel a light breeze without exposing them completely. Choose between bigger holes or small lace up styles this winter!

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