Cute Outfits for Curvy Women

14th Sep 2016

With the rise of full-figured models, there has been a sudden surge of appreciation for the curvier aspects of feminine beauty. Curves are to be embraced, celebrated, and accessorized—not hidden!

From mini dresses to chic tunics, Pink Lily has cute outfits for curvy women that follow the most up-to-date runway fashion trends. The outfits we offer show you how this season’s trends, colors, and styles can flatter your body and express your personality.

Dress for Your Body

Body type infographic

While many styles for curvy girls were once shapeless, clothing designers are now working to create cuts that flatter the variety of curvy shapes. Learn about which cuts and embellishments are the best styles for a curvy figure with Pink Lily!

Pear Shape

If you have a pear or triangle shaped body, try to find a way to visually extend your neck and shoulders with a scoop, v-neck, or sweetheart line. Since your bust is smaller, highlight it with extra details like pleats or ruffles. Accentuate your waist with belts and empire silhouettes, and choose pencil skirts, A-line dresses, and wrap around styles.


An hourglass body generally has shoulders and hips that are the same size. The best styles for this curvy figure are ruffles and soft drapes, as well as open collars and asymmetrical cuts. Fit and flare shapes will fit the hourglass body well and fitted tops ensure that the upper body is accentuated.

Oval Shape

When you have an oval shape, you need to elongate your body with a low neckline. Choose cowl, scoop, or v-neck cuts to flatter your upper body. Do the same for your waist with ‘peak' empire waistlines, princess seams, and faux wrap dresses. Balance your lower body with dropped waist pants or skirts with high slits.


Rectangle bodies require you to create a waist and accentuate your chest. Use the sweetheart, asymmetric, jewel, and cowl necklines to highlight your femininity. You can also embellish your top with curve defining bodices and ruched and frilled tops. Wear belts to fabricate a waist and add slightly flared leg pants to create the illusion of a curved shape.

Bold Patterns and Colors

Colorful plus size dresses

Stripes and floral designs were all heavily represented on the runways this year, so embracing this year’s celebration of bold colors and fun patterns is essential for every fashion-obsessed woman.  

When adding to your collection of cute outfits for curvy women, find pieces that create contrast between dark colors and bright patterns to create an eye-drawing outfit that will earn compliments every time.

Stay cool with Pink Lily’s What I Live For Damask Mini, where contemporary styling meets classic beauty, with a nod to the sophisticated tea parties of yesteryear. The neon pink damask pattern paired on a black background evokes a sophisticated outfit that looks amazing on the curvy woman. Since this mini dress accentuates the waist and minimizes the chest with a patterned bottom and a plain top, this dress is one of the best styles for a curvy figure.

Accessorize the scoop neck with a statement necklace to draw attention to your face and add a couple of bracelets to complete the look. Slip into your favorite wedges and you’ll be ready for a night out with the girls, or opt for flats to fabricate a look that’s perfect for a casual lunch date.

Cut and Shape

Plus size dresses

Cut and shape are important parts of a piece that ensure your clothing hugs you in all the right places. The mini dress is cut in a way that accentuates your legs, balancing your body and making you look taller. This is definitely one of the best styles for the curvy figure! This style of dress lends itself to more casual events, like summer barbecues and strolls on the beach.

In addition to its flattering cut, the Count on Me Mini plays with this season’s love of bright pastels. The shallow pockets add an adorable detail to this dress and embellishes a simple cut without adding bulk. Both the top and bottom pieces are unlined to keep you cool throughout the day.

Add a fashionable floppy hat in coral or straw for sunny summer days and delicate gold jewelry to subtly highlight the outfit. Pair this dress with all of your favorite summer shoes—from gladiator sandals to height-enhancing wedges. As the weather cools, add a pair of leggings and booties for additional warmth and keep rocking your mini.

For more formal events, a longer skirt or dress—like the maxi dress—is also one of the best styles for a curvy figure. A dress with an A-line waist that skims your figure, instead of hugging it, lengthens your torso and balances the upper and lower body.

Our Holdin On to Something Maxi is appropriate for both dressy and casual events—it fulfills all of the requirements for the perfect curvy piece! Flowy and fabulous, the soft drape flows over your curves without squeezing, ensuring your comfort and elegance. Wearing your maxi with wedges or heels will keep the hemline pristine and lengthen your legs. A few bangles and subtle earrings embellish your look while keeping your silhouette clean and curvy.

Warm and Cozy Maxis

Plus size maxi dresses

At Pink Lily, we firmly believe that the maxi dress can be worn even after the summer solstice. To let all maxi lovers wear their favorite dress well into the autumn season, we offer a maxi with a three-quarter length sleeve for cooler days and evenings.

The Over My Head Maxi has a classic chevron pattern and soft colors that complement any shape. It can also be worn to any event, making it one of the best styles for a curvy figure. For an extra sizzle, wear a wide belt to highlight your waist and separate your upper and lower body. Adding a thin cardigan or wrap around sweater will supply the extra warmth you need without adding bulk to your outfit. Wearing fleece-lined ankle leggings under this dress is another way to stay warm without compromising style or elegance.

Autumn Tops

Plus size tops

As we move into fall and winter weather, shirts and pants are essential to stay warm. Instead of boring basic tops, add interest to your wardrobe with a stylish tunic. Tunics are somewhere between a dress and a shirt, meaning they have the same versatility as dresses and look great on any curvy shape.

A charcoal side button tunic from Pink Lily has a modern asymmetrical cut to emphasize the waist and balance the hips and shoulders. Pair this tunic with leggings and heeled boots for an elegant ensemble or wear it with skinny jeans and booties for a casual look. Grab a black quilted clutch and some delicate, colorful jewelry to accessorize.

Accessorize to Personalize

outfits for curvy women

When you’re on a mission to find cute outfits for curvy women, you can’t stop at just dresses and shoes. Any outfit is incomplete without the proper accessories. Accessories can provide bold expressions of your personal style and enhance the cut, color, and shape of your wardrobe.

Brighten up the asymmetrical charcoal tunic with a pop of color, like the Catch a Dream Necklace and Earring Set with gold disks. The pink tassel feminizes the tunic’s dark color and the chain accentuates your chest.

You can also choose a monogrammed bracelet to personalize every outfit with your initials in your choice of color and font. Try pairing the bracelet with matching monogrammed earrings, necklaces, and purses!

While Pink Lily offers an assortment of purses and handbags to match the season’s styles and colors, many of them can be personalized with a monogram. Express yourself and your style by adding your initials in over 10 font and color choices.

Every dazzling accessory you add to your outfit should pull the outfit together. Wearing too many statement pieces leads to a cluttered look, but intentional stacking and pairing is a sign of refined taste and elegance. Accessorizing is a great way to complement a curvy figure.   

Curvy Women Who Taught the World to Celebrate with Them

Adele in concert

Now that the fashion world has acknowledged the fabulous style of curvy women, many have made their mark on fashion and how cute outfits for curvy women are advertised. Some women have unapologetically made the world appreciate their curves.

Emma Aronson

Emme Aronson was one of America’s leading models in the 1990s—in fact, she was the first full-figured model to make the list of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People! Her style embraces skirts and dresses in strong colors that show off her waist and sit flirtatiously above the knee. Take a style nod from Emme with the What I Live for Damask mini.

Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson became the first full-figured model to win America’s Next Top Model. Her iconic photographs from the show’s tenth season capture the power of her curves and her confidence. She went on to model for famous lines like Sak Fifth Avenue and Cover Girl. Her look is often casual-chic, with unabashed pride in her curves. Channel your inner Whitney with our Struck by Love Navy Dress.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol and has since sold millions of albums worldwide. She has battled media critiques of her curves every step of the way. In response, she flaunts her appreciation of her body with red and black form-fitting dresses. Take a page out of Kelly’s style book with Pink Lily’s Lasting Impression Dress!


British singer Adele released her first album in 2008 to critical acclaim. Her fashion statements have also earned her fans as well, especially since she has great sense for the best styles for her curvy figure. She’s stylishly adorned herself in everything from elegant black chiffon to vivacious red florals. In moments when you want to shine as bright as Adele, wrap yourself in Pink Lily’s Bring Your Sweet Lovin Lacy dress.

Tips To Keep You Curvy, Comfortable, and Confident

Whether you’re inspired by a famous curvy celebrity or are happy to march to the beat of your own drum, follow the tips below to pick out the best styles for a curvy figure.

  • Enhance your curves and show them off! Finding skinny jeans or form-fitting skirts that sit high on your waist will accentuate all the right places. If a dress feels a bit shapeless, a fashionably wide belt may be just what you need to add definition.
  • Pick tank tops and dress straps that are thicker to help keep your bra straps covered. Attention to this small detail will spare you from constantly checking your shoulders to make sure that everything is in place.
  • Quality undergarments are of the utmost importance. Well-fitting and smooth-textured undergarments will allow you to achieve the perfect fit for any cute outfits for curvy women.

Love every single one of your curves and wear what makes you feel good. Feeling great on the inside goes hand-in-hand with looking fabulous on the outside.

Pink Lily is for Girl Power

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Pink Lily is thrilled to offer outfits and styles that are on the leading edge of fashion and comfort for women of all body types. As we trade summer for fall, check back often for tips on the best styles for a curvy figure and to see our latest selections. In the meantime, keep it cute and curvy—shop with Pink Lily today!