Employee Spotlight Blog: Alison Burger

31st Oct 2019

Alison Burger and her husband opening champagne

Are you ready to meet Alison Burger, a fabulous fashion buyer for Pink Lily Boutique? We're putting the spotlight on Alison so that you can get to know a little something about one of the women responsible for your PLB faves. Alison's ready to tell us about her life as a boutique buyer, what inspires her, and how she enjoys working with the PLB team.

Getting to Know the Real Alison

It's easy to wake up with motivation when you have the privilege of doing a job you love. Alison is 100% a morning person and describes herself as hopping out of bed the second she hears her alarm. From the moment her feet hit the floor, she's ready to jump-start her day. The fashion buyer has a keen sense of responsibility, which is what she leans on to propel her forward every day. She knows how many people are counting on her to get about her daily business. Alison is also a people-pleaser. The idea of letting down anyone who relies on her is anathema.

Her relationships give her the extra nudge she needs to hop on her to-do list each day, too. Asked to share the most important relationship in her life, Alison readily admits that her faith and her relationship with Christ are significant motivators for her. She offers prayers and thanks on the daily, showing gratitude for what she's been given and asking for strength for the things to come. She credits her relationship with God for making her the person she is today.

Alison's relationship with her husband is essential to her life, as well. She describes a true partnership wherein she can turn to her husband during times of stress. He's there with her through the good and the bad, and he's always proud and supportive of her successes. How sweet!

What makes Alison relatable to PLB shoppers is her hard-won sense of self-confidence and self-worth. We asked Alison what she's most proud of in her life, and although she's always reticent to talk about herself, she gave us an answer that made us teary-eyed. Alison has been through a journey to love herself this year, an adventure that's been illuminating and refreshing. While she's proud of her work ethic and her success as a young woman, learning about herself is the accomplishment that makes her blossom with pride. Throughout her journey, she has learned how loyal, loving, and passionate she is. She sticks to her word, she's full of grace, and she's driven. Her journey to self-love and acceptance is an inspiration to all of us.

When she's not busy bringing the latest fashions to our PLB crew, Alison adores traveling most of all. There's nowhere she doesn't want to go, and she often wishes that she could visit everywhere all at once. Her dream is to see the world, or at least as much of it as humanly possible.

Daily Inspirations

Everyone has to draw information from somewhere, especially a boutique buyer whose job is to inspire others. Alison is inspired by other women. She loves nothing more than meeting a woman who is beautiful, empowered, and strong. She believes that fashion can help more women to feel that way, which is why she's so committed to finding flattering clothing in a wide variety of styles.

For her work as a buyer, Alison gets her inspiration from the weekly fashion reports. She pores over every piece, then focuses on any trends that fit with the Pink Lily aesthetic. Fashion bloggers and their social media platforms are additional sources of inspiration. She loves to see what stylish women are wearing in their day-to-day lives, as well as for special occasions. She has a gift for spotting trends and translating them into relatable pieces, such as artfully distressed sweaters and the freshest denim.

A Day in the Life of a Boutique Buyer

We're dying to know what made Alison want to become a fashion buyer, and we bet you are, too. She enthusiastically described a lifelong passion for fashion--not just the apparel, but the industry, too. In college, she earned an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design, then went on to achieve her Master's. After putting in so much effort and time, she knew she had to turn her dream into reality.

Much of Alison's success occurred on—and because of—the Internet, so we asked her to share some advice about the benefits of being tech-savvy in the boutique fashion world. She's a firm believer in keeping up with the latest advances in technology, especially as it pertains to social media and following trends. However, she attributes her achievements to her drive and her desire to learn. As long as you're eager to pick up on new marketing strategies and open to new trends, Alison says, you can learn quickly and effectively.

Alison is level-headed about the realities of her job. When we asked about how often creativity and imagination are involved in her typical workday, she was quick to let us know that it depends. Some days are all about the analytics, she says. Like many other jobs, you have to spend some of your time completing paperwork and studying the numbers. On other days, the creative ideas flow and she's able to brainstorm on her own or with her team. Her creativity especially comes into play anytime she's traveling for work.

There are oodles of things that Alison loves about being a buyer, but she's particularly fond of observing the entire creative process, from conceptual designs to finished products. She loves seeing something she's worked on show up on social media, tagged by someone who loves their new dress or skirt. It fills her with joy to know that there's someone out there who feels gorgeous because of something she had a hand in putting together.

The 411 about Working at PLB

Because Alison is a boutique buyer with Pink Lily Boutique, we wanted to know about some of her experiences here. Asked about what it's like to work with PLB's respected team, she gushed about collaborating with women who share her dreams, values, and goals, describing an empowering work environment that keeps her going. She does mention that there's not a lot of room for error on such a fierce team. They're all under pressure and sometimes overwhelmed, but there's a thrill in coming together and working as one.

Alison feels that Pink Lily's success lies in its adaptability. She's keen on the company's commitment to listening to its customers and bringing in a versatile selection of apparel rather than cementing themselves in a single style or niche. As she says, her goal “isn't to dress a customer for a certain occasion, but to dress a customer for every occasion.”

It's that adaptability that sets PLB apart from other boutiques, in Alison's opinion. As a fashion buyer, she appreciates the company's attitude toward its customers. She describes how the team watches site traffic and customer purchases to learn about which styles are most popular and which items fall by the wayside.

As for what Alison loves, she confesses to a penchant for sweater weather and fall fashion. We tempted her into revealing her favorite pieces in the boutique. At the moment, she's mad for the Let's Start Again Cream Fringe Sweater. Excellent choice, Alison!

We hope you loved meeting Alison as much as we loved introducing her. We can't wait to spotlight more of our fierce fashion buyers. In the meantime, start shopping for some of Alison's favorite picks. You can save 20% on your first order when you subscribe with us.