Fall and Winter Coat Styles

5th Dec 2017

At Pink Lily, we love all seasons, but winter just brings out something warm and cozy in all of us. Oversized sweaters, knit cardigans, and stylish winter coats are some of our favorite outerwear items of the year. Check out how to wear each of these infamous fall coat designs today!

Military Style

Fall and Winter Coat Styles - Military Style

There are a few different types of military style jackets, including the Aviator. This retro leather coat, also called a bomber jacket, brings out your inner bad girl with elastic at the wrists and waistband.

Since bomber jackets show of your waist with a cinched hem, pairing it with a bodycon dress or an a-line skirt and tailored top will give you a lot of contrast to work with. You can also go the opposite direction and wear them as an athleisure piece. Over a loose crop top, leggings, and sneakers, the bomber jacket gives you the ultimate relaxed look.

Cargo Jackets

Fall and Winter Coat Styles - Cargo Jackets

The cargo jacket is a super utilitarian style that’s perfect for ladies on the go. Whether you’re out for a hike, running errands, or heading out to a campsite, you’ll enjoy all the pocket space and the protective hood.

While you can pair it with jeans and boots for your days out and about, you can also use it as a counterpoint to a fancy dress. As a fall coat or stylish winter coat, you can wear the cargo jacket almost anywhere!

Moto Jackets

Fall and Winter Coat Styles - Moto Jackets

The first moto jacket was a sexy leather number with a zipper, and while moto jackets today may have a number of different closure styles, they still have the same cropped style and tailored design elements. You’ll also find them in more than just black — they come in all sorts of colors and materials including cream, fawn, burgundy, and more.

Wear the moto jacket when you’re trying to bring a little bad into your good girl ensemble.

Winter and Fall Coats at Pink Lily

Pink Lily has just what you need for the fall and winter season. Our online boutique is stocked with tons of different styles and designs! Shop winter fall coats to keep you warm and looking cool!