Fashion 2019 trends

10th Jan 2019

Fashion Tips You Need for 2019

Step into the new year with a new you. Get to know the hottest fashion 2019 trends before they even hit the magazines and the racks. Put together an unexpected aesthetic for the upcoming year by mixing fun fads with modern versions of timeless classics. Pink Lily has an A+ selection of stylish standouts. Check out our  new arrivals first, then preview the rest of our inventory, including custom pieces that allow you to apply your own monogram to the trends you love best.

Layer on the Layers

Layers are staples throughout the fall, winter, and spring. They continue to rule the racks and the runway, so you won't have a problem locating items you can comfortably layer. 2019’s layer looks are different from what you've seen before, although there's still unbeatable variety. Wear vests over long sleeve tees for a hippie chic vibe. Shop for thin camisoles that fit beautifully beneath  any style of cardigan you prefer. Tanks are ideal beneath flannel button-ups, as well. In a nod to '90s grunge, flannels are fierce right now.

Check It Out

Patterns figure into several stunning fashion 2019 trends. Among them are fabulously bold checked prints. In addition to tartan, glen plaid, and an array of other plaids, windowpane checks are on-point, as well. They're everywhere, which means you need to experiment by taking advantage of their abundance. Don't stop at checked tops, but do snag a few for your outfit rotation. Splash out in plaid pants, too. Grab yourself a plaid skirt, then browse for checked blazers and raincoats.

Knit Fit

Knits aren't always seasonal. There's a sweater for every type of weather, whether it's a pullover or a cardigan. Even the runways have been paying homage to  soft, stylish sweaters with eye-catching patterns and silhouettes. Turtleneck sweaters are one of the most unexpected fashion 2019 trends. Statement pieces adorned with capelets and feather details are popping up, too. Keep an eye out for patterned knits. A dynamic sweater is a perfect pop for your outfit. Go ahead and make that statement!

Vintage Revolution

Retro-inspired pieces celebrate the 1960s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. From mod  dresses to Boho hippie pieces, you can reinvent yourself in designs from your favorite era. Shoulder pads are for the super confident, so hold your head up high when you strut your stuff in this '80s throwback. Remember the dreamy velvet dresses of the 1990s? They're on a comeback trail as well, and if dresses are your thing, you'll find that you will wear that velvet dress more than you ever expected.

Many of the fashion 2019 trends making the biggest waves prove that everything old is new again, and every trend returns within a few decades. They also celebrate texture, color, and design. Which look are you excited to try? You'll find it at Pink Lily!