Fashion Through the Ages | 100 Years of Fashion (Infographic)

26th Jun 2017

Fashion Through the Years

Women’s fashion through the ages has changed so much in the last 100 years, but you can find inspiration and influence from every age of fashion in the most popular clothing today! Whether you’re into 1950s retro decades fashion or 1980s rock and glam, you can find all your favorite parts of every era in the Pink Lily collection.

Something From Every Era

From the days of the flapper and the debut of the little black dress to 1960s mod and the square dresses and chokers from Clueless, Pink Lily has found something to love in every era. We even draw ideas from Dior’s revolutionary introduction of the New Look. With its nipped waist and full skirt design, Dior brought us the original skater skirt way back in 1947 — a staple in every girl’s closet! Even today’s modern favorites, like graphic tees and boho chic, will soon be used as the muse for new runway shows and budding fashion designers.

True Fashion

You may have thought decades fashion was relegated to costume parties and 80s themed roller rinks, but the fashion world loves re-imagining classic designs and styles for the modern age. Check out some of our favorite runway breakouts from fashion through the ages and discover how we’ve incorporated them into our current style lineup.