Gratitude & Giving Back: 5 Ways to Donate Your Used Clothing

31st Oct 2019

woman looking through a clothing rack

The next time you clean out your closet, donate your used clothes instead of throwing them away or letting them hang out in the basement for the next 20 years. There are people right in your town who can benefit from the cardigans, jackets, and shorts you no longer wear. Pink Lily Boutique believes in giving back, so we have a list of charities and used clothing drop-offs that you can make use of today.

Help Others to Dress for Success

woman in a blouse and skirt

There are so many places to donate used clothes that it can be hard to know where to start. Have you considered donating your clothing to women like you? When we think about giving back to people in need, and to women in need, in particular, we often focus on the necessities. Food and warm clothing are paramount, but there are women in dire circumstances who need specific outfits, too.

Dress for Success is an organization that will happily accept your gently used professional clothing. The group helps women who are unemployed, as well as women who may lack the funds to purchase a new outfit for interviews. You know that first impressions mean everything. Donating your blazers, blouses, dress pants, and skirts will give deserving women the chance to show up, show off, and show out in the business world. To see about giving your smart business outfits and business-casual clothing to women who need it, you can get in touch with the charity, which offers locations where you can drop off your donations. If you have clothing in sizes between 00-2 and size 14 and above, then your donation will greatly help the organization.

Check Out the Big Charities

In every city or town, you can usually find a way to donate to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Savers. In many cases, these organizations have easy-to-find used clothing drop-offs, which makes donation effortless. Do a bit of research to figure out which charity you want to donate to, or spread out your donation among all four organizations.

The American Red Cross typically helps people who have gone through national disasters. The company allows you to schedule pick-ups, so you can visit their clothing drive website anytime you hear about a hurricane, a flood, or a tornado. However, you don't need to wait for a natural disaster to donate.

Any clothing that you donate to the Salvation Army ends up at their various family stores, where the clothing will benefit families in need. The proceeds from your clothing are used to fund the adult rehab centers that the Salvation Army runs. In addition to using the organization's drop-off containers, you can visit their website to plan a pickup. Goodwill works in much the same way, although you can also visit your local store.

Savers is a bit different. Usually, a local charity will collect any donated clothing. The charity then delivers the clothing and other goods to Savers. Savers not only pays the charity for their donations, but they also donate to local non-profit organizations when a person pops in to donate their used clothes and household goods. No matter how you look at it, donating to Savers means that you're giving back across the board.

Donate Your Dresses

When you donate used clothes, you can consider every item in your closet up for grabs. Women who are going through periods of low or no income don't live in casual clothing. They need more than jeans, tee shirts, and sweaters. We've already established, for instance, that business attire is a must-have. From that point, it's a logical step to realize that young women also need formal clothing.

You can donate dresses and formal wear to Donate My Dress. Formed by a network of non-profit organizations, Donate My Dress has a network that spans from coast to coast. The organization specializes in clothing for important occasions, which don't stop just because your financial circumstances change. Through the charity, girls and women have a chance to find dresses and formal outfits for Homecoming, prom, weddings, and even professional networking mixers, which could lead to a job.

Give Back Twice

Planet Aid is the perfect place to donate if promoting sustainability is important to you. That's the philosophy because the charity, which aims to help the environment while assisting other charities and non-profits. By donating to them, you give back twice.

Some of the donated clothing is resold, and the money earned funds assistance for a variety of developing and under-served nations. The rest of the clothes undergo textile recycling, which benefits the environment. A quick search should reveal a used clothing drop-off bin in your area.

woman wearing an oversize grey sweater

The Local Approach

You can always donate used clothing directly to the local charities that matter to you. In addition to women's groups, youth centers, and homeless shelters, you can likely give your gently used clothing to your church. Research specialty charities in your town, as well. Giving directly to local groups allows you to find out what they need most.

After you donate your used clothes, you can refresh your wardrobe with new arrivals from Pink Lily Boutique. Shop with a smile, knowing that you're paying it forward to someone in need.