Holiday Fashion Dos and Don’ts

30th Dec 2017

Dressing during the holiday season can be a daunting task, but don’t fret! At Pink Lily, we offer tons of options that will work seamlessly into your wardrobe and have you topping the best-dressed lists all holiday season long! Here are some of the holiday fashion tips that we live by during the most wonderful time of the year!

DO: Mix and Match

Mix and Match Dress sparkly black dress

One of the best things about the holiday season is the fashion chances you can take! A bright red and green outfit might turn heads for the wrong reasons any other time of the year, but once December rolls around, you won’t be able to blink without seeing that clashing combo!

At Pink Lily, one of our favorite ways to take risks with our holiday attire is to mix patterns, colors and textures. Why not throw a soft faux fur  jacket over a sparkly dress or romper and call it a day? We love this holiday fashion tip because no matter what your personal style, you can have fun dressing up!

DON’T: Go Overboard

holiday outfit holiday look

While we LOVE mixing a couple of pieces together to create an ultra-fun holiday look, don’t let your ensemble become a jumble of miscellaneous pieces! Try a few different combinations before heading out to your holiday party. Take a mirror selfie! It’ll help give you the whole picture before you commit to an outfit.

DO: Plaid to Meet You

off-the-shoulder sweater plaid blanket scarf

There’s something about plaid that just invokes a cozy, wintery feel, and frankly - we can’t get enough! The print is always in style and rocking a plaid item or two during the holidays is one of our most used holiday fashion tips.

If you’re new to plaid, start subtle - check out a pair of classic plaid  gloves or rock a super cozy plaid blanket scarf. For you plaid veterans, there’s nothing chicer than the classic print paired with a stylish off-the-shoulder sweater or layer-ready buffalo plaid poncho!

DON’T: Wear Unflattering Styles

festive holiday fashion holiday fashion tips

While it can be tempting to pick out a trendy sweater or standout pant that screams holiday, we can’t emphasize enough that dressing for your body type is always the top priority! Know the silhouettes that flatter you best and your confidence will do the rest!

Not sure what works best for you? Pink Lily has you covered. Check out our blog,  How to Dress Right for Your Body Type!

No matter which holiday fashion tips you decide to embrace or discard, we know you’ll be taking photos with friends and family all season and you want those memories to be fabulous, not cringe worthy!

Shopping with Pink Lily

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