How to Dress Right for Your Body Type

30th Aug 2016

Many people struggle to find the right clothes for their body. Follow this simple guide to learn about your body type and the clothes that will ensure you look great.


If you’re unsure if this is your body type, take a quick look in the mirror. If your hips are wider than your shoulders, then congratulations—you have a pear-shaped body! Some notable celebrities who also have this figure are Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Dresses: Try off the shoulder fit-and-flare.

By baring your shoulders, you are immediately drawing attention to the upper body. The skirt shape does a great job of highlighting the smallest part of your waist.

Off the shoulder dress

Night Like Tonight Dress

Blouses: Try off the shoulder/ bell sleeves.

When learning how to dress well for your body type, this is a great way to accentuate your shoulders. Additionally, tops with wide sleeves add volume to the arms, helping to create a balanced silhouette.

Off the shoulder blouseFloral blouse

Faraway Sands Blouse     Blossoming Elegance Blouse

Pants: Try pants or jeans that are flared at the bottom.

A flared leg is very flattering for women with a pear shaped figure. They help to slim down the hips while creating balance between the upper and lower body.

Wide leg jeans

Kayleigh Denim Flare Jeggings

Skirts: Try an A-line skirt

A-line skirts will skim over your hips while emphasizing the natural waist.

Jean skirt

This Is Our Time Skirt


The key features of someone who has an hourglass figure are a defined waist, and bust and hips that are nearly the same size. One of the most well-known celebrities with this body type is Marilyn Monroe.

Dresses: Try a wrap dress when learning how to dress right for your body type.

Wrap dresses are great for those with hourglass figures because they pull the fabric in at the slimmest part of the waist.

Blue wrap dress

My Secret Charm Dress

Blouses: Try tops that are fitted or accentuate your waist

Everything from casual t-shirts to dressy blouses should be fitted, pulling in slightly at the waist. Additionally, go for low, slimming necklines, such as v-necks and scoop necks. Not only do they slim down the bust, but they also draw the eye down closer to your waist.

Turquoise cardigan

Simply The Best Cardigan

Pants: Try wide leg pants/ jeans

These will help draw attention to your slim waist, while creating an appearance of longer legs.

Wide leg pants

Here For A While Pants

Skirts: Try fitted skirts that hug your curves, such as high-waisted pencil skirts

If you’re trying to learn how to dress right for your body type, pencil skirts of all lengths are especially flattering on women with an hourglass figure. They will help accentuate your curves and draw attention to your waist.

Black scalloped skirt

Finest Forever Skirt

Inverted Triangle

Women with this body type tend to have a wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust. Their hips tend to be narrower than their bust, while the waist is undefined. The easiest way to tell if you have this body type is to observe whether your shoulders are wider than your hip and waistline. If so, then you are an inverted triangle! Some notable celebrities with this body type are Angelina Jolie and Renée Zellweger.

Dresses: Try A-line dresses

These types of dresses are great for women learning how to dress right for their body type because they create the illusion of a defined waist. The flared hem of the dress also helps create balance between the upper and lower body.

Pink scalloped dress

My Every Wish Scalloped Dress

Blouses: Try tops or sweaters that are belted or nipped at the waist

By wearing these kind of tops, you are helping to define your waist. You want to choose tops that extend below the hip bone, as this will reduce bulkiness up top. Tops with v-necks are especially flattering because they help to soften the shoulders.

Ruffled cardigan

Charcoal Ruffle Cardigan

Pants: Try palazzo pants, flared, wide leg jeans, and culottes

The fullness of the pants helps to offset and balance the width of the upper body. Bold patterns and print help to accentuate your bottom half.

Damask print pants

Damask Palazzo Pants

Skirts: Try any type of skirt that flares from your hips, such as a-line or voluminous maxi skirts when trying to learn how to dress well for your body type.

By adding volume on the bottom, you are helping to create a more balanced silhouette.

Black lace skirt Pastel striped skirt

A Kiss Goodnight Lace Skirt    Go For Graceful Skirt


Women with the rectangle body type have a silhouette that is fairly rectangular, straight up and down. The hips and shoulders tend to have a similar width and there is no defined waist. Some celebrities who also have this body type are Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz.

Dresses: Try belted dresses

Belts are an essential for women with a rectangle figure who are learning how how to dress right for their body type. They help create a defined waist, while adding a stylish touch to your look.

Blue polka dot pants

My Sweetest State Dress

Blouses: Try belted tops or tops with an empire waist

Tops with empire waists are especially flattering because they help make the bust appear bigger and add some weight on top, while also making the waist appear smaller.

Peach blouse

So Very Enchanting Blouse

Pants: Try a belted jumpsuit

Belted jumpsuits are great for creating a defined waist and curves.

Wide leg jumper

Flaunt Your Style Belted Jumpsuit

Skirts: Try circle skirts

This cut will help add dimension to your body frame. Prints, textures, and details are great for breaking up your silhouette and creating curves.

Geometric skirt

Under The Neon Lights Skirt

Basic Body Type Fashion

Learning how to dress right for your body type isn’t as difficult as you think. Once you figure out what type of body you have, you can work on balancing your silhouette and accentuating your waist. Visit Pink Lily to find all the pieces you need to create the perfect wardrobe for your shape.