How to Mix and Match Fall Jewelry Styles

4th Dec 2017

As a new season approaches, so do your fashion options! At Pink Lily, we've got plenty of fall jewelry styles and fall fashion tips to love. Dress your best for every occasion when you find the perfect jewelry for the season!

What are Fall Jewelry Styles?

When you change your wardrobe to coincide with the season, you have to make sure every detail coordinates — down to the last accessory! Fall jewelry styles change, and in 2017, some of the latest trends consist of metallics, tassels, and delicate pieces. Don’t get caught up in the chunky, colorful styles of last season — try something new today!

Mix It Up

Fall Jewelry Styles - Mix It Up

Some like chunky and some like small, but our fall fashion tips consist of a little bit of both. Mixing two different jewelry styles in one outfit creates your own flair, and helps to alleviate a "matchy" feel. Try mixing some smaller items with one statement piece, like stud earrings with a necklace or thick bracelet.

Pattern Variety

Fall Jewelry Styles - Pattern Variety

Patterns are a festive touch and an easy way to master fall jewelry styles, but you've got to be careful how you pick and choose them. To create that picture perfect, patterned duo for your Instagram shots, try incorporating patterns in with your jewelry, rather than your main fashion items. Go for flower designs, intricate overlays, or textured leather to take patterns to a whole new level.

Watch Your Neck

Fall Jewelry Styles - Watch Your Neck

Your neckline is important when it comes to picking the proper necklace. The standard crew neck looks great when paired with a chunky statement piece, as it will perfectly hug the curves of the circle. For a v neck or low cut, a tassel necklace will follow that long cut and draw the eye down. Off-the-shoulder tops are all the craze, and matching them with a small simple charm or choker necklace is the perfect touch.

Layers On Layers

Fall Jewelry Styles - Layers On Layers

Just like fall fashion, layering is an easy way to rock fall looks. With chunky sweaters it can be hard to make an accessory stand out, so using a few different necklaces will create a whimsical look and let you show off all your favorite pieces at once! If you favor small, simple jewelry, try adding three or four small necklaces on for a shimmery design.

Jewelry at Pink Lily

There aren’t any fall fashion tips you must follow, but our fall jewelry styles guide can ensure you always look chic this season! Shop Pink Lily online today for more fashion inspiration!