How to Pick the Perfect Jacket | A Buyer’s Guide

15th Dec 2016

Stylish Women’s Winter Jackets

The perfect jacket is a must-have, but with so many styles available, finding the jacket that is uniquely you can feel overwhelming. Whether your style is fun, flirty, chic, or edgy, Pink Lily’s buyer’s guide will show you how to choose a stylish women’s winter jacket with a fabulous fit every time. Read on for tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect winter coat for you.

The Classic Trench Coat

Short trench coats

The ever-popular trench coat is a jacket you’ll find everywhere this season. Inspired by men’s military jackets, the trench coat’s classic embellishments like epaulettes, wide lapels, and mid-waist tie around make it an easy addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Details, like the mid-waist tie around even help you show off your feminine curves, ensuring the trench remains a mainstay of women’s fashion. If you are considering adding a trench coat to your collection of stylish women’s winter jackets, remember these tips as you shop.

Most trench coat styles are either single or double-breasted. If you are on the smaller side of the size chart, opt for a single-breasted coat to avoid fabric overload. Ladies who are of average size or curvier on top should opt for the double-breasted option to avoid lapels that stretch and shoulders that fit too tight.

When thinking about how to choose a jacket, match the coat’s length to the occasion. For running errands around town, pair your jeans and flannel with a mid-thigh trench coat. For more formal occasions like parties or dinners, wear a knee-length trench coat with a party dress or trousers and a soft sweater. If you’re looking to maximize the trench coat’s dramatic effect, the duster is the way to go.

When picking your stylish winter women’s jackets, consider fun variations on the modern trench coat’s cut. Flowing draped cuts are beautifully soft and feminine, but they remain true to the trench coat’s hallmarks with the belt, epaulette, and wide lapels. Skirted trench coats are also classic designs on top, but offer a flirty and fun flare below the hips that pairs well with leggings, jeans and flared skirts.

You should also keep in mind the color of your stylish winter women’s jackets. Trench coats are typically made in solid and neutral colors, but this season, designers are experimenting with fun patterns, like hound’s tooth and plaid. You can even find trench coats in bright colors like red, electric blue, and green. Find a color and pattern that complements your style and completes your wardrobe.

Military-Inspired Jackets

Army inspired jackets

In addition to the trench coat, military fashions have also inspired other stylish women’s winter jackets—like the cargo jacket. The modern cargo jacket is based on Army designs and is both functional and versatile—with all the pockets and zippers you could ever need.

The cargo jacket’s trademark cinched waist and narrow sleeves allows you to show off your feminine side, while adding a stylish edge to your outfits. Layer your cargo jacket over distressed jeans, sweaters, and riding boots for a flirty look that says you are ready for whatever the day sends your way.

If you are all about the military look, but want something a little more stylish than a cargo jacket, consider other jackets, like the pea coat style that was borrowed from the navy or the majorette coat that are based on uniforms worn by 19th century soldiers. You can also find stylish women’s winter jackets that were inspired by aviator jackets originally worn by World War I pilots.

The Fabulous Moto Jacket

Moto jackets

Now it’s time to talk about the edgy, fearless moto jacket. Worn by motorcyclists around the world, this classic fit jacket adds a touch of chic to every outfit. It is versatile enough to pair with jeans, as well as your favorite night-out skirt. Learning how to wear a moto jacket can feel a bit tricky at first. However, once you know which details matter most, you’ll get it right every time.

One of the major keys to pulling off this stylish women’s winter jacket is finding one that fits your body type perfectly. Here are a few tips to help you with the choosing the right size:

  • The shoulder seam should fall right at the edge of your shoulder.
  • A moto jacket should move with you and feel flexible.
  • Petite gals can opt for shorter sleeves.
  • Tall girls should pick a jacket that has longer sleeves.

Finding the right fit can be difficult, so keep an eye out for any one piece that fits too big, as just this one oversized part will make the jacket swamp you, even if everything else fits perfectly.

Length, Color, and Detail

When figuring out how to wear a moto jacket, pay special attention to the jacket’s length. If you’re more of a petite girl, you will likely do best with a cropped look that ends just above your pant line, while if you’re a taller lady, you’ll have more luck with a hip length jacket. Try on different cut and length jackets to see which works perfectly for you. Generally, try to find a jacket that stops right above or right below your bottom, as something that cuts your butt in half isn’t very flattering.

While Pink Lily often advocates choosing layers that have a statement color, when it comes to moto jackets we suggest erring on the side of neutral colors like browns and blacks. Lighter brown colors are in this season, but they tend to show wear sooner. Darker moto jackets are more traditional, and they generally age a little better.

It can be tempting to choose a bright color as a statement, but if the color lacks the versatility to match your staple outfits, you may not be wearing it very often. Make statements with other moto jacket embellishments like panels, zippers, studs, or belts.

Leather has typically been the fabric of choice for motorcycle jackets since it’s durable and ages beautifully. However, leather substitutes are gaining popularity, as they are much more environmentally friendly. Today, it’s often hard to tell a well-made vegan moto from its leather cousins. Since there are so many options available, choose a fabric that looks good and makes you feel great.

Update Your Wardrobe Now!

Whether you are looking for a chic update to the classic moto jacket or a trench coat for a formal event, Pink Lily’s fall and winter lines have a wide assortment of stylish women’s winter jackets ready just for you. Check back often for updates and new tips.