How to Wear Graphic Tees

1st Mar 2017

2016 was the year of graphic tees—they were everywhere—and 2017 looks like it’s going to be more of the same! Even designers on the NYFW runway got in on the trend! The great thing about graphic tees is that you can show off a little bit of your personality. If you’re looking for the perfect tee to express yourself, we’ve broken it down into three categories to help you out.

Instead of just throwing on your graphic tee and heading out the door, we want to teach you a few different tips on how you can dress up your look! No matter what your style is, there is a graphic tee out there for you. Check out our top tips to find your ideal graphic style!

Coffee Fanatics

Coffee Fanatics Graphic Tees

For ladies who love a strong cup of coffee to start the day, these tees are calling your name! Don’t let anyone forget just how much you love caffeine!

Our tip: Loosely tuck in or knot one side of your tee to add a little more interest. While this might seem like an insignificant change, it can alter the overall feel of the look!

Wine Lovers

Wine Lovers Graphic Tees

For ladies who love relaxing at home and enjoying a glass of wine, you NEED these fabulous tees! They’re perfect for lounging around the house, and if you’re heading to a wine tasting, these tees will put everyone in a good mood.

Our tip: Add a piece of statement jewelry to make your look more feminine and glam. This will vary depending on the type of graphic tee you have on. A basic white and grey tee with black text would look great with a crystal collar necklace, while a distressed red top would benefit from a lace choker!


Moms Graphic Tees

These comfortable and lightweight tees are perfect for moms chasing around a toddler! You don’t stop having fun once you have a baby, so show off your playful side with a little wit and sass!

Our tip: To add a little more structure to your look, tie a shirt or thin sweater around your waist. This will immediately take your look to the next level.

P.S. A cup of coffee is recommended, but not required to finish off the look!

No matter what your style is, you can easily rock graphic tees! Find one that fits your interests and make it your own. Experiment with these tips from Pink Lily and gain some confidence when trying out this trend!