Insta Ready: Our 5 Step Guide To Taking & Sharing Pics of Your Cutest Outfits

9th Jul 2019

Do you love taking photos of Instagram-worthy outfits after putting together an outfit of the day? Show off your #OOTD to its best advantage with helpful photography tips. Pink Lily Boutique can show you how to improve the way you capture and post fashion photography on Instagram. The clothing you select is the star of the show, of course, but it can't stand on its own.

Tell a Story

The best photographs tell a story, and that goes for pictures of Instagram outfits as well as portraits and candid shots. As you pick out your outfit of the day, consider the story you want to tell. It begins in your wardrobe. Vintage-inspired pieces can help you to tell a tale of red-lipped pinup girls with victory rolls in their hair, for example, while a laid-back ensemble can help you to evoke a beach day vibe.

The location is essential to the narrative. You want a backdrop that's interesting but not too busy. Ideally, it should have something to do with your outfit, but the relationship can be tangential. In an  oversized sweater and a mini skirt, you could lounge outside of a wine bar to snap the perfect picture. However, if you're all dressed up to the nines, you don't want to pose in front of a graffiti wall or a local food truck. Try to forge a relationship between your look and your location. Your #OOTD photos will pop so much more because of your efforts.

Practice Your Happy Feet

Movement is an integral aspect of any good photo. It separates the eye-catching fashion photography on Instagram from all the ho-hum #OOTD shots. Trying to walk and pose at the same time isn't easy, but standing in one position can make you feel awkward. It also results in lackluster photos that are uncomfortable to view. Those are the last things you want.

The rocking horse move eliminates the issue of awkward feet while simultaneously affording you that wind-in-the-hair look you want. The move also accentuates your clothing. The fringe on your shirt will swing, your  dress will flow, and your photographer will be able to capture the overall vibe of your outfit. All you need to do is stand with one foot prettily posed in front of the other one, as if you're mid-gait. Simply roll back and forth on the balls of your feet to create the illusion of a stroll.

Props to Props

Now that we've tackled the problem of awkward feet, let's talk about what to do with your hands in your Instagram outfit photos. If you're not using props, then keep them soft. Practice posing without stiffness. This might sound silly, but head over to Youtube to watch old episodes of “America's Next Top Model.” In addition to teaching you how to smize properly, Tyra Banks is a pro at posing her hands naturally. Prop your hands on your hips or tuck your thumbs into the hip pockets of your jeans, which can help you to straighten your shoulders and your spine.

Not everyone can get their hands down, so to speak, and that's okay. A prop is helpful, and it doesn't have to steal the scene. Hold a  pair of sunglasses in your hand, as if you just removed them. Play with a flower or a glittering pinwheel. You can hold a stuffed animal, a cup of coffee, or even your handbag. The key is that it needs to look natural, not staged or uncomfortable.

Know Your Angles

Fashion photography on Instagram can look extraordinarily polished. Don't consider yourself an amateur model just because you post your outfits to the 'gram. Just like the models who grace your favorite fashion magazines, you need to get to know your body. A skilled photographer can assist with poses, but it helps to know your own angles. Practice each time you take selfies. Pose in the mirror to find your best angles and expressions.

Go one step further to determine which clothes fit you best. No matter how stunning you are, the wrong outfit can result in disastrous photos. You may need to swap the midi skirt for a  maxi dress to make your legs appear longer, for example, and a vee neck blouse might be more flattering than a crewneck shirt.

Step into the Light

As with pictures of anything, the secret to snapping sensational Instagram outfits is the lighting. Standing out in full sunlight is the worst possible idea because it will create a glare and throw unflattering shadows all over the place. That being said, avoid areas that are dark or grainy. You need enough light that the flash is unnecessary because it can be scary and garish, as well. Opt for shoots in the early morning, later in the afternoon, or around the golden hour before the sun sets. The lighting will make  bright colors pop and ensure that you glow.

Photographing Instagram outfits is about more than the clothes. You definitely need a closet full of show-stopping attire, but knowing how to pose and move is essential. Do you enjoy posting pictures to the #OOTD tag on Instagram? Share your tips!