Is Athluxury Replacing Athleisure?

27th Mar 2018

A perfect pairing of comfort and luxury, athluxury is making its debut on the fashion scene in 2018. In fact, it builds upon the fusion of trendy apparel and practicality that was introduced with the athleisure trend a few years back. Athleisure clothing was a phenomenon, seen on both celebrities and everyday women, that paired together the comfort and functionality of workout clothing with the cute, stylish look and feel of casual attire that can be worn outside of the gym as part of a busy girl’s daily routine.

Athleisure: A Primer

The athleisure trend took the fashion industry by storm and soon fashionistas and clothing brands were eager to produce and buy clothing that can be worn from work to school to the gym and never look out of place. Think of eye-catching patterned leggings and flattering, comfortable pullovers that look just as great during a coffee run, sweat session and girls day. In fact, you probably have several trendy athleisure pieces in your wardrobe already...even if you didn’t know the word for them!



So, now that you know all about the every popular athleisure trend, it’s time to look forward. Already, designers are clamoring to hop aboard an elevated version of athleisure — athluxury. This new trend is simply a more sophisticated and country club ready version of athleisure — think about clothing that doesn’t resemble workout gear at first glance, but keeps the wearer comfortable and feeling extra stylish during a variety of activities.

Athluxury is already beginning to pick up steam and Pink Lily can’t wait to share some of our favorite spring and summer pieces that are all about this trend, while still staying true to our feminine glam signature. Think tailored joggers instead of slouchy sweatpants or preppy tennis skirts and dresses.


Athluxury is the perfect trend for the Pink Lily girl to embrace because it brings together the feminine, preppy elements we love, with comfortable, easy-to-wear designs that offer a lot of versatility. So, if you’re ready to take the athleisure trend to the next level, consider adding a lightweight t-shirt dress with a trendy, sophisticated pattern to your wardrobe. Give a piece like a pair of show stopping palazzo pants to your repertoire and only you’ll know that their stretchy material and lightweight feel are a breeze. A loose-fitting sweater or cardigan with some stretch and style is the definition of athluxury.

The Verdict?

At Pink Lily, we love embracing the fun trends that hit the fashion scene and offering accessible, stylish clothing that clothing-loving ladies can enjoy wearing confidently. We believe the athleisure trend will be complemented beautifully by athluxury, and both trends can coexist harmoniously within your wardrobe, giving you have options for every occasion!

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