No, Your Lipstick Shouldn’t Match Your Shirt: Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid (And What You Should Do Instead)

2nd Jul 2019

All of us commit fashion faux pas at some point or another. There are certain things you've already learned to avoid, such as pairing sandals and socks. Other faux pas don't hold true any longer. Pattern mixing is a fun go-to as long as you know how to create visual contrast without clashing. Fortunately, Pink Lily Boutique has gathered together the most helpful fashion tips for women to keep you from any faux pas of your own. By the time you're done reading, you'll be ready to buy new lipstick and get your exact measurements.

Stop Matching Your Lipstick

First things first: let's discuss the fashion faux pas of matching your lipstick to your clothing, shall we? See, it's not just your shirt that you need to worry about as you choose a shade of lipstick. It ought not match your dress or trousers, either. That being said, you can feel free to choose complementary colors. In fact, that's your best option because you want to avoid wearing makeup that clashes with your clothing, as well.

More than anything, your makeup—including your lipstick—should flatter your skin tone. It's alright if you blend hues that match your clothes, as long as you do blend them. Stay away from wearing purple lipstick with a purple outfit, though. Pick out something with subtle lilac tones to match your  fabulous purple romper.

The Fit Factor

One of our best fashion tips for women involves the fit of your clothing. That is, your clothes need to fit perfectly. Wear pants that are a size too big, and they'll bag and sag all over the place. A button-down that doesn't fit properly can suffer from gaps between the buttons, especially over your bust line. It's worthwhile to get yourself measured by a professional. You don't have to buy tailored clothing exclusively, but knowing your exact sizes will allow you to find outfits that fit as though they were made for you. You won't have to worry about the size on the label nearly as much. The measurements of the garment matter more. Once you know your measurements, you won't believe how spectacular you look in  high waist bottoms and a crop top.

Every Accessory Under the Sun

Failing to edit your outfit before you leave the house is a fashion faux pas committed by many women. We get it. You have scores of sensational accessories that add to the appeal to your ensemble. You can't choose between your favorite pendant, a scarf, your sunglasses, and a pair of  statement earrings that perfectly match your shoes. The problem is that you have to pick. Coco Chanel famously advised stylish women to peer at themselves in the mirror before leaving the house and get rid of an accessory. It's a foolproof rule of thumb for fashion. That way, your ensemble won't be too busy.

Don't Wear Dirty White

People are torn about the whole idea of wearing white after Labor Day. We're not going to delve into the debate surrounding that fashion faux pas. We are going to talk about wearing white, however. Specifically, you cannot wear white unless it's clean and pristine.

Dirty white shoes are distracting. They ruin the effect of your outfit, which you pieced together so carefully. Dingy  white sweaters won't carry the day, either. Instead of admiring your outfit, people are more likely to stare and wonder why your white jeans look more grey than alabaster.

Caring for your clothing properly can help with this fashion mishap. Always wash your whites together with a laundry detergent that promises to keep them bright. If the tag tells you to that a garment is dry clean only, take it to the cleaner's. Otherwise, do your best to follow washing and drying instructions. Doing so will extend the shelf life of your white clothes. They'll remain bright and flawless.

Following the Fads

The most trustworthy fashion tips for women beg you to avoid the trends. We're not going to go quite that far, especially given how fun modern fads can be. Never chase them, though. The fact is that not all trends are meant for you even if you love them, and that's okay. You might not feel comfortable in crop tops.  Flowing kimonos might be more your style. It doesn't mean that you're boring or that you don't take risks with your style choices. It means that you know your aesthetic, your body, and your personality, and you dress to highlight your best assets.

By all means, pick out trendy pieces that appeal to you. Just make sure they look terrific first. You will also help yourself if you stock your wardrobe with classic, timeless basics and neutral hues. That gives you a palette with which to wear your new trends.

Have you been committing any of these fashion faux pas? We've probably all tried to match our lipstick to our clothing on occasion. The most important thing to remember is that you can make almost anything work if you step out with confidence.