Rainstorm-Friendly Outfits for Spring

13th Feb 2019

Never forget that spring is a two-part season that includes a gray, rainy first half. We need all that rain to make the flowers bloom in May. We also need an excuse to put together stunning spring rain outfits that can handle the weather without losing their appeal. Stock up on wet weather boots, cute coats, and stylish scarves, along with lightweight sweaters, shorter skirts, and maybe even a few must-have hats to protect your hair from the rain and round out your outfit.

A Floral Dress and a Denim Jacket

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

Spring rain outfits don't cover you from head to toe. After all, it is spring. Feel free to walk around with bare legs and a skip in your step. Even as the rain falls, the temperatures get warmer. A floral dress topped off with a denim jacket is perfectly seasonal, not to mention showstopping. Its universal appeal lies in its simplicity. Any woman can find a floral frock that she loves. The same goes for a jean jacket. Bear in mind that you'll definitely get plenty of use out of the jacket during the spring season. Probably summer, too.

To combat the chillier temps of early spring, wear longer dresses. A long, floaty maxi dress pairs perfectly with a denim jacket. Props to anyone who includes combat boots. That's a '90s throwback that everyone can get behind, don't you think?

A Short Skirt and a Long Jacket

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

Speaking of throwbacks, allow the lyrics of Cake, that favorite band of the early '00s, to dictate your fashion choices. No, honestly—a short skirt is sizzling with a long jacket. Consider a fitted, tailored trench that falls to your knees or below. Slip into a pair of knee-high boots to balance out the ensemble. Not only are you ready for the rain, but you're also ready to stomp down the runway. We recommend skirts with statement-making details, whether it's an eye-catching pattern or an interesting silhouette.

A Little Athleisure Wear

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

With a few adjustments, the athleisure trend is perfectly suited to early spring and all its rain. You can't go wrong with leggings no matter what time of year it is. Just make sure that you step out in an outfit that will protect you from the weather, too. A lightweight jacket, such as a workout windbreaker or a hoodie, is all you need, along with wet weather boots that allow you to puddle jump as you walk through the April showers.

Preppy for Spring

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

Speaking of leggings and rain boots, do you realize that you can put together a polished outfit with those items? Take a white button-down and a fitted pullover sweater. Layer them together, slip into your leggings, and pull on your wet weather boots. With a light jacket and a hat or a beanie, you can rock an ensemble that has seasonal street-style written all over it.

Just Jeans

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

Wear your jeans with anything. Honestly, you can put together an endless variety of spring rain outfits using your jeans as the anchor piece. Mimic the aforementioned outfit and wear skinny jeans with a sweater and a button down. Pull on a chunky, oversize sweater or layer with a camisole and a cardigan. Is the rain a bit warmer than usual? Combine casual and classy with jeans and a jaw-dropping kimono cardi.

Boots are an essential aspect of many spring rain outfits, as are lightweight jackets. You shouldn't need a heavy winter coat, but denim jackets, hoodies, windbreakers, and even leather jackets will serve you well throughout the season. Tell us about your early spring style. How do you handle the transition between winter and spring?