Superbowl Party Fashion: What to Wear on Game Day

28th Jan 2019

What to Wear to a Football Game

Gameday is always a day to look forward to for all football fans. When you’re planning your next gameday event or outing, don’t forget to support your team while looking super cute with our advice on what to wear to a football game, tailgate, or viewing party! We have the best ideas for Superbowl party fashion whether you’re heading to a friends house, a bar, or the stadium. Read on today to learn more about our tailgate apparel!

Team Colors

Obviously, team colors are really important for any gameday. To get an exact color match, you’ll have to shop the official team store, but most team merch consists of jerseys and hats which can be totally boring when it comes to fashion. We suggest creating your own color combos with color matches as close as you can possibly get! Pink Lily has tons of  basics and accessories in every color to help you find exactly what you need.

Graphic Tees

If the team color route is too obvious when you’re wondering what to wear to a football game, graphic tees are a fun alternative. Sports slogans and cheers are the perfect bar or  tailgate apparel item! You already know that “Sundays are for Jesus and Football,” but you might also what to throw on a “Beat Everyone” tee or “Friday Night Lights” top. You can also remind everyone that “It’s Football Y’all” with a classic raglan! Check out our entire selection of graphic tees online now!

Custom Made

If our premade graphic tees aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can check out our custom clothing to find better tailgate apparel! You don’t have the flexibility to create any slogan you want, but you can get your team’s initials in their colors embroidered on a tee, long sleeve, or windbreaker. Wondering what to wear to a football game to stand out?  Personalized clothing is the perfect choice! From hats and scarves to sweaters and more, we have it all right here.



Flannel shirts are a classic gameday choice! They are our ultimate, must-have tailgate apparel option, as most tailgates take place outside and last until nightfall. You can tie a button down around your waist for a fun accessory during the day that’s also perfect if it gets chilly during football season nights. Don’t borrow your boo’s flannel though, get one of your own at Pink Lily!

Flannels are also a fun piece to have when you’re deciding what to wear to a football game, as you can always wave them over your head if your giant foam hand gets tired!


You may know exactly what to wear to a football game, but don’t forget to accessorize!  Jewelry  pursesscarveshats, and more are the perfect way to really show off your team pride. At Pink Lily, our accessories are available in every color of the rainbow, so you’re bound to find something to fall in love with that’s the exact hue of your team colors. Don’t forget to throw on some cute shades on a sunny day at the stadium either.

Most of our accessories can be  customized as well. Whether you want to throw on your initials on, or you decide to create some abbreviation to do with your team, we can make it happen. Choose from over 20 different thread colors and 10 font styles to design something totally unique!

Party Giveaways


No football party or event is complete without fun decorations and giveaways! Make sure you host a standout event with themed favors too. Drinkware is the perfect way to bring your team home and koozies are the obvious choice for your event if beer is on the menu. Pink Lily also has state name and shape appliques that you can throw on anything! Decide what to wear to a football game and then tackle the rest of the party decor with help from Pink Lily!

Pink Lily Can Help!

Pink Lily is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky and we’ve got tons of pride for our football teams — college and state! We know all about what it means to be dressed to a tee for any game, tailgate, or party. We want to help you get really hyped up for every single game this year, so check out our blogs for more tips on what to wear to a football game and shop our gameday styles today to spice up your style!