Sweet Summer Accessories: Pieces You Must Add To Your Warm Weather Wardrobe

12th Jun 2019

Summer is officially here! Which means you have the perfect excuse to shop for trendy beach bags and cute summer accessories. To start, you need a fully functional and fashionable bag that can carry your day-to-day essentials as well as your beach day must-haves. Versatility is key! A hat and sunglasses come in handy, too, to beat the summer heat. The Pink Lily Boutique has a collection of can't-miss accessories and apparel that you need in your summer wardrobe. Check out our top picks for some summertime inspiration!

Nostalgia in a Beach Bag

Tell us something: does the  Dreamy Destination Light Pink Basket Bag remind you of anything from your youth? We can't get enough of it because it reminds us of the flexible, translucent jelly shoes we wore during our girlhood summers. Once the jelly shoes came out, you knew that summer was genuinely on its way. That's exactly how the Dreamy Destination bag will make you feel. The look, the texture, and even the smell are all quintessential summer, especially when mixed with the scent of chlorine and suntan lotion.

It's the ideal trendy beach bag, especially on days when you want to pack up a few essentials and head to the local pool or the beach. Toss in a book, a towel, your favorite pair of sunnies, and a few bottles of water—you have to stay hydrated out there! Because it's so clearly retro-inspired, it also makes a whimsical addition to your warm weather outfit. It's roomier than you might expect, as well. Whether you're heading out on vacation, taking a cruise, or wandering along the shore of the local lake, it will carry what you need while marking you as a style-savvy summer girl.

Summer Mode: Activated

Who says that your cute summer accessories can't be practical, too? Every fun-loving, sun-loving fashionista needs to protect her face and hair from the sun. A floppy sun hat isn't always the right choice—although sun hats are certainly fabulous. Day-to-day summertime activities require something a bit more casual. A ball cap is hip and stylish, but the  Summer Mode Embroidered Baseball Cap takes the cake.

The font of the lettering is a classic, but the hat itself is pretty customizable. If blue is your hue, then stick with a timeless shade that resembles denim. However, you can also snag the cap in a variety of other colors, such as aqua and pink.

Rustic Glam

Many of the season's trendy beach bags are woven with straw. The rustic glam fad works for day-to-day handbags, too, as you can see with the  Let's Make Our Getaway Straw Bag. Unlike other beach bags, it's cute and compact enough to carry on the daily. At the same time, the interior has plenty of space for beach day essentials. Whether you want to stuff it with sunblock, sunglasses, and a bathing suit or your phone, your wallet, and your makeup case, this is one straw handbag that's made to go anywhere with you.

The Let's Make Our Getaway bag will inspire you to plan a getaway, even if it's only a day trip. The round design is minimalist but eye-catching, while the braided handles are both durable and unique. Adding to the versatility of the bag, you can either hold it in your hand or slip the straps over your shoulder. Because the inside of the bag is open, there's ample space for storage for small essentials and larger items, such as beach towels, books, and even your tablet. A side pocket has a zipper that allows you to keep your must-haves secure. That's where you can store your ID, your cash, and your phone.

The Perfect Pair of Sunnies

You can't go into summer without a stylish pair of sunglasses. They're must-have cute summer accessories because they're both fashionable and functional. Sunglasses not only add a bit of an edge to your ensemble, but they also protect your eyes from UV rays. You know better than to walk around staring straight at the sun, but on bright summer days, it's hard to get away from those rays. You might be walking down the street to get a bite of lunch, driving down the highway, or strolling along the edge of the pool. Either way, you can't neglect to shield your eyes from the glare.

PLB has an irresistible array of sunnies, but if you want something sleek, polished, and on-point, then you need to snag the  Shine With Me Blue Cat Eye Sunglasses. Cat eye glasses are timeless, but this design offers a modern twist on the classic style. The shape is a bit more geometric, especially near the top of the frames. Speaking of the frames, the silver strikes the perfect contrast with the lenses, which feature a blue ombre gradient.

Unleash Your Wild Side

Animal print is a summertime staple, so it's no surprise that an array of trendy beach bags utilize the pattern in some way. Cheetah and leopard prints are easily the most popular, followed by snakeskin and zebra stripes. The  Always An Original Gold Animal Print Tote is feline all the way. Each spot is rendered in sparkling metallic gold, all of them set against a creamy white background. The color combination creates a fresh, sharp neutral that will go with any swimsuit. It's more than just a beach bag, though. Use it as a weekender when you're away on vacation. It will match your Boho maxi dresses and your denim shorts.

A tote is a stylish but practical pick for any event, honestly. Anytime you need room in your bag, you can reach for the Always An Original, which effortlessly lives up to its name. Interestingly, the bag is 90 percent paper, and the gold is metallic foil. You can feel good about carrying a summertime accessory that's more sustainable than other items.

The trendy beach bag that you buy this year can easily carry you through to next year, too. The same goes for your sun hat and shades. Browse through the selection of PLB to get ideas about accessories and outfits that will keep you feeling cool and looking hot during the sweltering summer. Sign up with us to take advantage of Pink Perks.