Top o' the Mornin! 5 Office Outfits for St. Paddy's Day

6th Feb 2019

It's the time of the year for shamrocks, shenanigans, and cute St. Patrick's Day outfits that include the color green. Participating in St. Patrick's Day is always fun, especially celebrating with your work buddies. It's even better when you can use the occasion to splash out like a stunner. Let us help you to pick out stylish St. Paddy's Day clothing that's perfect for the office!

Hide Out in Camouflage

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

Cute St. Patrick's Day outfits come in all sorts of packages, even when you're spending the day at the office. Think outside the box to avoid showing up to work dressed just like all of your colleagues. Standing out is never a bad thing as long as you do it stylishly. Breathe fresh air into the entire idea of St. Paddy's Day couture.

A green skirt is a fashionable way to celebrate the holiday, but there's no need to invest in an emerald or hunter green skirt that you'll only wear one day of the year. Choose a piece that delights you. Buy something that you can envision yourself wearing time and again.

Why not a camouflage skirt? After all, camo is unquestionably green. Besides that, a camo mini is just too cute. Picture it with a crisp white button-down and a blazer in a complementary shade. You could also pair it with a neutral camisole and a cardigan that matches. Either way, you won't have to worry about getting the dreaded St. Patrick’s Day pinch on the arm!

Anchor with a Classic Cardi

Image via  Pink Lily Boutique

You know that St. Paddy's Day clothing has to be green, but that hardly means it has to be dowdy or unfashionable. Green is a gorgeous color, and it just so happens that you can find a variety of St. Patrick's-friendly pieces here. Since a cardigan is one of the most office-appropriate articles of clothing you can ever hope to find, we recommend that you start there.

You can't go wrong with a cardi, full stop. A vivid green sweater is a statement-maker. You'll have all eyes on you from the moment you arrive in the morning. Go with a timeless style, such as our Solid Reputation cardigan. Rock a collegiate, preppy vibe. Consider a striped top and a modest mini skirt, perhaps in navy.

Splash Out in a Green Top

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A green blouse will get you through St. Patrick's Day without a single pinch. You're spoiled for choice here. You probably have an olive or mint green top in your closet right now. Remember, green comes in an assortment of eye-pleasing shades.

For a can't-miss office outfit, try a chic green sweater. That's another item that you're sure to wear more often throughout the year. A pencil skirt that falls just above the knee or a pair of bold trousers can round out your ensemble. Neutral hues, such as black, camel, navy, and grey, are all perfect picks for solids, but think about incorporating a subtle print. Why not a tartan skirt or pinstriped pants?

Opt for a Print

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You don't have to stick to solid shades of green. Have you thought about piecing together cute St. Patrick's Day outfits that include prints? A printed green blouse or top is ideal. So are printed pants or shoes. We have several floral dresses and rompers that work for the holiday. Are you a bold fashionista? Wear a to-die-for romper to work and watch their jaws drop.

Dress It Up

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You don't need several articles of St. Paddy's Day clothing. One item will do. Make it a dress. That way, you can effortlessly head out after work and attend a few St. Pat's festivities without going home to change first. Keep it simple but chic. Opt for a subdued hue, such as olive green, and step into the office like it's Fashion Week.

You'll find an endless array of cute St. Patrick's day outfits and ideas at Pink Lily Boutique. How will you escalate the shenanigans this year? Tell us about your St. Paddy's ensemble!