Top Summer Colors

4th Aug 2017

Pink Lily

Summertime only comes once a year, and it’s your opportunity to make a bold statement with the top summer colors for your outfits! Pink Lily has a variety of trendy attire and accessories to enhance your 2017 color palette!

For Your Nails

Wish you were in the tropics? Create a vibrant color palette this summer with top summer colors tangerine orange and lush green! Orange is the perfect summer color, and looks great with your favorite bikinis, while green provides a subtle contrast for all your fave outfits!

For Your Lips


It’s time to kiss spring goodbye because these lipstick shades are hot for summer trends. A deep purple will make a great match for a night out, while a light pink makes a great accent for your patterned and print bikinis. Light pinks also give you a more natural look for barely-there beach makeup.

For Your Hair

Sherbert is a favorite summer sweet, and looks just as good as it tastes! For your top summer colors locks, ditch the unicorn pink, and go for a more orange hue. Deep toffee and bronze are a warm spin on the classic summer hair trends, and will help your tanned skin glow even brighter.

For a Wedding Guest Dress

With wedding season in full swing, it’s time to stock up on dresses that rock the 2017 color palette. A light yellow is always a delightful choice for a summer wedding, especially when outdoors. If you’re attending an evening wedding, a dark blue dress creates a bold, sophisticated look.

For Your Beach Set

Complete your beach look with a matching monogrammed beach towel and water bottle set! Featuring a variety of patterns, combine exciting top summer colors, such as seafoam green and watermelon pink, for a fun and refreshing style.

Pink Lily Style

Whether you need to update your wardrobe or just want to stay up to date on the latest trends, trust Pink Lily for one-stop stylish shopping!