Top Summer Sunglasses Styles

31st Jul 2017

2017 Sunglasses Trends

Ladies, it’s time you throw some serious shade...with our selection of sunglasses of course! Our 2017 sunglasses trends include the best sunglasses for your face shape, and will match your wardrobe favorites. Check out some of the coolest sunglasses styles for this summer!

Cat Eye

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The cat eye is one retro style that you can’t resist. This classic design adds an ultra feminine look to your average eyewear, and gives you the sassy flair you need to top off your outfit of the day. These look great on round or oval shaped faces, as the higher angles of the lens create a sharper look, and draw attention to your eyes.


Aviator Sunglasses

A pair of aviator sunglasses is perfect for those trying to soften any angular features they have. The roundness on the bottom helps to elongate the cheekbones, while the wide length on top will even out the length of your chin.


Roosevelt Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for a long face shape are a classic pair of Roosevelt's. The pointy tips on the edges balance elongated face structures. Girls who have heart shaped faces will also adore these shades when out and about.


Retro/Beatles Sunglasses

A favorite 2017 sunglasses trend is the retro circle glasses. These shades are just straight groovy! Another great option for the square shaped face, you can really get creative with the round design.


Oversized Sunglasses

Celebrities love to hide behind these bad boys, so why can’t you! Whether you’re just trying to look fabulous like your fellow famous friends or you had a rough night out, the oversized sunglasses trend is a go-to for any sunny day. Best for oval faces, these are also great for all who want maximum sun protection.

Pink Lily Styles

Our list of 2017 sunglasses trends will help you find the perfect pair of shades for your face. Shop for your favorite sunglasses and accessories when you go online today!