What Kind of Fall Girl Are You?

16th Nov 2016

The leaves are turning and the cool autumn winds have us reaching for sweaters, boots, and beanies. As the seasons change, we have a few moments of mild weather between the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

This mild weather creates special opportunities for us fashion lovers: the chance to play with transitional fashions! Fall fashions and style choices say a lot about your personality and how you like to take on the world. If you’re curious about the kind of fall girl you are, read on to learn what your style says about you and find some new fall outfits for 2016 to spice up your wardrobe.

The Streetwear Edge

Living on the Streetwear Edge means doing you and having plenty of fun with it. Your sense of fall outfit style shows off your urban flare, as well as your down-to-earth attitude and sensibilities. You choose outfits that make it clear you are always in the fashion know, but make and break the rules as you see fit. You are drawn to athletic and leisure wear, graphic prints, and darker tones. You always manage to show up in the best graphic tees along with other edgy and casual fall styles.

Your ensembles are bold, but not overstated. Your fall outfit styles often leave a path of admirers wondering what your secret is.

Fall outfits

For casual fall days spent running errands or grabbing lunch with friends, try our distressed denim jackets. It’s perfect for layering and pairs nicely with relaxed outfits, while adding street edge to dresses and skirts. Finish the outfit off with some cute booties in grey. Woven beige accents, extra straps, and chunky heels make booties a fall must-have. Accessorize with a mini backpack, statement bracelets, and geometric necklaces.

When it comes time to bring your street style to a more formal setting, a patterned skirt is exactly what you need. Patterned skirts add a touch of edginess to your outfit without compromising your sophistication. Try to find a skirt with details like leather, multi-texture materials, and stripes. Wear your skirt with a form-flattering top, like a long-sleeve tee, and throw on heeled boots.

The rest of your casual fall style should also consist of plenty of boots, knits, fringe, scalloped cuts, and buttons that stand out.  

The Adventurous One

You take living for the moment to a whole new level. You’re always game for an action-packed day and any change in plans that promises a fun adventure. You want your fall outfits for 2016 to be comfortable and versatile, and you prefer casual fall outfits to any elegant dress or pair of sky-high heels. Since you never know where each day may take you, you gravitate towards outfits that are walkable, and perhaps even hike-friendly.

You are well versed in the best styles for your adventurous outlook on life. Denim jeans and leggings are your absolute best friend and low boots pack your closet. You love everything from distressed jeans to patchwork embellishments and you prize the ability to move in all your favorite fall outfit styles.

Denim jeans and leggings

Since comfort is your number rule, your fall outfits for 2016 should ensure you have plenty of oversized sweaters in your closet—whether they are knits or wools. The fall selection at Pink Lily is perfect for your fall outfit styles, since it has tons of comfortable cardigans and monogrammed fleece pull-overs to round out your wardrobe this season.

Complete any of your outfits with stylish flats, like vegan leather boots. If you want to update your current boot collection, choose shoes in dark, chestnut leather—one of this season’s favorites. Some boots have knit lining to keep your feet warm and flexible soles for comfortable walking. Keep your jewelry the same color with cord, leather, or bead materials to match your hike-ready style.

City Girl

You are the cover girl for keeping your fall outfit styles simple and easy, yet impressively sophisticated. You’re not interested in a lot of fuss, and you know how to look good without needing a lot of bells and whistles. Of all your girlfriends, you are the first who is ready to go, and you set the bar high for everyone else. Your outfits are minimal, polished, and urban chic, with subtle details, such as lace, fringe, or unusual cuts.

You choose cuts that flatter your form and speak volumes about your confidence. Shift dresses and long necklaces are your go-to outfits and a comfortable pair of pumps is always close at hand. You love small details like flared skirts and subtle, semi-open backs that give you a chance to be a little flirty.

Pastel spring outfit

If most of your fall outfits for 2016 tend to be single color, choose sherbet shades to keep your look feminine and light-hearted. When your outfits are colorful, footwear with clean lines and neutral colors are versatile enough to be worn with multiple outfits. Wear understated, sleek shoes, like polished booties in black or taupe, that will work with the rest of your outfit instead of taking it over.

Since the rest of your outfit is simple, a straightforward clutch is most appropriate, perhaps with a uniquely chic monogram that delicately etches your initials into a burlap clutch in your favorite color. Adorable purses with detachable cross-body straps and wristlets work for all kinds of occasions throughout the year and can be modified to suit your fall outfit styles.

That 90s Girl

The 90s were a decade full of iconic styles and legendary fashion choices that everyone loves. From the preppy fall outfit styles straight out of Clueless to the plaid filled fashions of grunge bands, there are plenty of 90s styles to love.

As a 90s girl, you simply can’t resist mini-skirts, knit sweaters, or knee high boots. Your tastes are whimsical, girly, and flirtatious, as well as relaxed, oversized boyfriend shirts and comfortable jeans. Some may consider your fashion sensibilities a bit quirky, but they admire your retro spunk.

Fashionable outfit

With all of the 90s to represent, your closet can never include too many mini-skirts. Pink Lily is your go-to place for updated and classic takes on the mini-skirt. Since plaids, pleats, and tweeds are in full fashionable force this season, we carry all of these throwbacks to help you expand your collection.

With over-sized knits sweaters also in this year, a 90s girl remains true to the tight, form-fitting sweaters and crop tops of the past, ensuring your fall outfit styles are unique. You may also choose to keep it a little looser with plaid shirts and jeans for a grunge filled look reminiscent of Nirvana. Show your fashion flare by combining the hottest 2016 trends with your 90s styles.

The 90s passion for mini-skirts make knee-high boots an absolute must—a girl has to stay warm after all. Boots in black add more than a few degrees of heat to your casual fall styles and soft faux-suede with thick heels ensure you’re warm and supported. For an alternative to the 90s statement boots, reach back into the past for ultra-cute platform shoes.

When it comes to accessories, you may already have a ton of jewelry with crosses—but there’s no such thing as too much. An over-the-shoulder purse is also an absolute must-have for your favorite fall outfit styles. Feminine, but functional enough to keep your hands free, no other purse will do for the 90s girl.

The Western Lover

You are a romantic with an eclectic taste for pieces that are simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. You pay attention to the way fabrics move and how they make you feel. For you, Boho casual fall styles feel like home. Your clothing is definitely an expression of your inner calm and soft side. Some onlookers might describe you as earthy, and plenty wish they could pull off your style choices and color combinations.

Boho outfit

Nothing combines western and modern styles more effectively and comfortably than denim. Luckily, Pink Lily has denim skirts, jeans, and shorts that are perfect for your style and your closet. A-line cuts and unique buttons make our bottoms ideal for your western inspired fall outfit styles. A flowing, button-up collared shirt and boots can almost always complete any look.

Western button-ups often have floral prints or plaids, which are prominent in fall outfits in 2016. Watercolors are also extremely popular, but since, you practically swim in denim as a western girl, we recommend you stick with a denim shirt. Double pockets and decorative stitching make for subtle accents and ensure a western feel.

For footwear, check out darker shades of brown and other natural tones that give your style its earthy vibe. Booties go great with your denim shirts, fringe cardigans, and breezy skirts, as well as jeans and plaid tops. Find shoes with attractive wrapped details, side buckles, and stacked heels for a little added character and grace.

The Southern Country Girl

You are relaxed and thoughtful, so your fun and flirty side surprises some folks. To you, life is like a walk-in closet. You love classic, feminine styles and clothing that is fundamentally southern with pastel shades, flower prints, and plaid. You are more than proud when folks call you country, because you make country look good.

Seasonal accessories

A country girl’s fall casual styles must include a belted dress. If that dress is floral and form flattering, you’ve found the perfect one. As the temperatures drop, you can still sport your dresses, as chilly weather and bare legs are the perfect excuse for cowboy boots.

Step into a pair of vintage boots, designed with an eye for details like worn texture, extra decorative zippers, and gray lace accents. You can also opt for wedge heels that bring to mind the sandals you wore all summer. Make sure these wedges have a fall theme with earthy colors, like taupe, and natural fibers, like suede.

Since your taste in jewelry is fairly minimalist and modest, make each piece reflective of your fall outfit styles with Native American-inspired styles or monogrammed cuffs.

We Have Styles You Love

At Pink Lily, we want you to love the clothes you wear, from casual fall styles to your new fall outfits for 2016. We have clothing and accessories for every kind of fall girl—from those who walk on the streetwear edge to the ultimate southern country belles. Check back often for updates to our fall 2016 line and for any fashion inspiration you may need!