Winter Sweater Weather Styles

19th Dec 2016

Winter Sweater Weather

The joys of winter include golden leaves, cozy campfires, holidays with friends and family, and the ever comfortable sweater weather. The perfect sweater style for 2016 is a well-earned find. This year you don’t have to search high or low for the perfect sweaters because your friends at Pink Lily can help.

We have the latest winter sweater weather styles in the hottest colors. If you’re looking for the cutest new sweaters this winter, read on for tips on creating sultry off-the-shoulder looks, finding the perfect kimono-inspired sweater, and embracing the graphic sweater revolution.

Open-Back Sweater Flip

Sweaters with back details

Most of us have grown accustomed to making the fronts of blouses and sweaters as the focal point of an outfit, but winter sweater weather styles have flipped the script, and back details, like the open-back, are the latest trend. In addition to showing off a little of your neck and back, well-chosen accents and embellishments make these sweaters pop.

Explore sweaters with statement buttons that are on the back instead of the front, or opt for bows and lace to add a Southern sweetness and old fashioned elegance to your sweater collection. You can even make the most of your favorite stylish cardigan by turning it around, so the fun details are on the back. Pair this new do-it-yourself open-back sweater with a belt or cami for modesty if necessary. For an extra bit of fun and flirtatiousness, vary whether your sweaters are open at the top or bottom. A well-placed slit at the bottom of your sweater increases the flirt factor without making it seem inappropriate.

Duster Chic

Fringe cardigans

A classic duster sweater is a cozy way to add an elegant lift to any of your winter outfit staples. Winter sweater weather lends itself perfectly to these floor-length gems. Choose dusters in neutral colors so you can wear them frequently with a range of outfits.

Attention to small details like fringe, pockets, and drape will help you find a unique sweater style for 2016 that is all you. Play with shape and form by pairing slim clothes with a big duster. For casual days, pair a duster with jeans or leggings, a blouse, and knee-length booties, while for formal events, you can wear a duster over a short holiday dress and heels.

These sweaters also lend themselves exceptionally well to loose layers. Dusters layer perfectly over trousers, skirts, mini dresses, and maxi dresses. You can wear boots with a duster for a cowboy-inspired look, or bring on the elegance with cropped booties or sandal heels.

Kimono Yes!

Kimono cardigans

Kimono-inspired sweaters are a fun and stylish way to embrace another culture’s traditional sweaters. Typically sewn from lighter material, they are perfect for layering, as they keep your layers light and flexible. At Pink Lily, our kimono-inspired selections highlight this season’s winter sweater weather styles from 2016.

Pick from our range of kimonos with dolman sleeves, lace details, deep hues, and gorgeous flower prints. You will also find sweaters with uneven hemlines and curved high-low cuts. To make sure you can show off your figure when you want, many of our kimonos have cinched waists. Since these wonderful sweaters can dress up a casual outfit or pair perfectly with a party dress, stock your closet with plenty of these ultra-feminine staples.  

Fabulous Graphic Sweaters

Graphic sweaters

When we think of knit sweaters, we typically think of solid colors—but not anymore! Sweaters with awesome graphic designs are a hot trend this year. Whether it’s bright colors, geometric prints, or nature inspired designs, we have a full selection of exciting graphic sweaters for you.

Our graphic sweater weather styles embrace this winter’s popular colors, like brown, burgundy, red, orange, blue, and olive. Many of our sweaters combine these colors into bold winter patterns like stripes, holiday colors, and floral designs. The materials will stretch for added comfort and have plenty of room for a cami or tee underneath.

Ornamental Closure

Seasonal sweaters

Traditionally, a sweater is either a pull-over or a cardigan with a button-up front. Consistent with this season’s break-the-rules theme, winter sweater weather styles highlight those with ornamental and creatively located closures. Oddly placed zippers or unconventionally placed buttons are currently popular options. You can find sweaters with side zippers and other exciting details like cowl necks and uneven hemlines, as well as button accents on the neck, side, or back of a sweater.

Whether you’ve found a button or zippered style you love, you can have some fun comparing the way large or small versions of these details impact an outfit’s focal point and vibrance. Experiment with large zippers or buttons and tiny zippers or buttons. You can also look into a splash of color on these details that can give new life to a favorite sweater. As winter sweater weather settles in, consider interesting places to relocate or add buttons and zippers to a sweater, such as around the neckline, on the side or down the back.

Off the Shoulder

Knit sweaters

Winter sweater weather doesn’t mean we have to cover every inch. If you find yourself enjoying an unseasonably warm winter day, slip your favorite knit sweater down a few inches to create a fabulous off-the-shoulder look.

While some sweater styles for 2016 are ready-made for a little shoulder action, you can create this look with an oversized sweater that’s belted around your waist for a flirty and feminine look. Show off both shoulders in a straight across sweater or show off just one with a sleeve slipped down one side of the neckline. You can also choose a mock off-the-shoulder look with cutouts around your shoulders.

A Pocketful of Style

Usually by the time winter rolls around, we have plenty of sweater pockets to reach for. However, as the 1980s and the world’s love of cargo jackets has proved, you can never have too many pockets. These simple embellishments provide a little extra storage and a little extra style. So consider them a decorative styling bonus when choosing knits sweaters.

Play around with both small and large pocket additions to your knit sweater, as a well-placed pocket can make a coat or jacket optional when you’re just running from the car to the store or into the mall.

This season’s winter sweater weather styles have also encouraged a burst of alternative sweater style clothing, including the perfect sweater dresses with pockets and sweater vests with pockets. These are a fun take on the warm knits of the season and provide interesting new silhouettes to play with every time you get dressed.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

At Pink Lily, we’re excited every year when winter sweater weather rolls around. We firmly believe that nothing says more about a girl’s unique style than her sweater collection. We are happy to stock a line full of traditional, elegant, edgy, and fun sweaters that will keep everyone warm and fabulous. So please, have fun browsing our winter 2016 sweater collection and come back soon, as we’re always adding new trends and styles.