Brunch Babe

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It’s no secret that brunch is the most fun meal of the day—or at least the weekend. It pays to have a selection of brunch outfits ready to go. Like brunch itself, the ensembles that you wear when you're out to dine with your pals ought to be laid back but still elegant. When you think of what to wear to brunch, picture casual outfits with just enough edge to stand out in a sea of jeans and maxi dresses. You can be the queen of brunch.

With a Side of Style

Brunch outfits are defined by their easy breezy appearance. They're dressier than breakfast at the diner, but not as fancy as what you'd wear to the new French bistro on the corner. Fill your closet with loose, lightweight blouses, such as the Just Be Beautiful Cinnamon Blouse, or oversized sweaters, like the Here For A Lifetime Green Colorblock Sweater. Try an animal print sweatshirt for cozy yet on-point style, or slip on a crisp white button-down. As for bottoms, just make sure that they can accommodate all that delicious food! Comfort is key when it comes to picking out what to wear to brunch. Skirts are cute as can be, but opt for a maxi or a midi. Jeans are just fine for brunch, but crops and palazzo pants are a big trend too.

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