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Hair Accessories

The headwear and hair accessories at Pink Lily are a constantly changing, seasonal amalgam of bright colors, floral designs, and unique cuts. One of our most popular hair accessories are the boutique headbands, as they have an interesting interlock design that creates flattering shapes and allows for adjustment.

Ultimate Headbands

The colorful headbands from Pink Lily are one of the most popular accessories online, as they are excellent workout companions. Machine-washable and made of lightweight, breathable fabric, they’re easy to clean and incredibly cool, great for a day of exercise.

No need to wear headbands only when you’re working out! You can also wear them for any other occasion. Choose an ultra thin headband for an understated look or a bold and wide headband to make a statement. Dress up a pixie cut, top off an updo, or try the low-key look with a headband from the accessory collection.

Unique Headwear

If you’re looking for headwear that’s just as stylish as it is functional, check out our clips, pins, and headbands. These colorful pieces come in a number of sizes, shapes, and patterns to match your outfits! We strive to make our hair accessories comfortable and flexible, so each hair piece is made with soft, stretchy fabric that will hold your hair in place without pulling on roots or giving you a headache.

Shop our boutique headbands and other stylish hair accessories to color coordinate all your outfits. You can also choose a matching hair piece, tank top, and monogram thread for a personalized, sophisticated look!

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