Kids Bottoms

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Cute Kids Pants

Pink Lily knows how important it is for parents to dress their kids in the best styles and designs. You want clothes that look great and get your little ones excited to get dressed! Our kids bottoms will have your little ones ready to pick out their outfits and show them off at school! With so many varieties and styles to choose from, they truly can flaunt their personalities with fashion.

Fit & Size

Kids grow quickly, so Pink Lily offers a variety of styles and designs that are flexible and durable enough to keep up with your child. All of our pants are different, so it’s important to reference our unique style guide for an exact fit. Don’t forget to check out our customer reviews for helpful opinions!

When it’s time to hit the jungle gym, your kids will love the comfortable fit of our cute kids pants!

Designs & Styles

When you shop Pink Lily for childrens bottoms, you’ll find unique designs that your kids will want to wear every day of the week! Our styles have a range of colorful options that make it easy to mix and match with the fun wardrobe they already have. From polyester, rayon, and spandex our cute kids pants are super comfy and easy to wash and care for when things get a bit messy at snack time.

Pink Lily is excited to source all of our clothing exclusively from the United States. Shop our online store for more children’s clothing.