Casual Sandals for Ladies

At Pink Lily, sandals mean SUNSHINE! We love letting our toes, and our pedicures, out to play when the seasons turn nice and warm. For summer footwear that make sure your feet come through mama, check out our newest selection of must-have sandals and flip flops here!

Inspired by Beaches Everywhere

Whether you’re wishing you were lounging on the sands of Tahiti or tanning on the beaches of Catalina, we have casual sandals for all ladies looking to relax! Get a taste of the tropics right in your own backyard with our obsession worthy favorites!

We have simple, backless slip ons as well as complex, gladiator strapiness. You can also find shoes with tons of fun embellishments like shiny buckles, studs, and medallions. Explore our store and discover sandals in all the right colors to complete any outfit — from nude and black to white and tan.

Size and Fit

All our sandals vary slightly from style to style, so make sure you’re checking our sizing chart before you buy. We want you to get the best fit possible for cute and comfy feet every day! If you have any questions about sizing, reach out to the Pink Lily ladies for assistance.

Must Wear Responsibly

Pink Lily has always been conscious of the environment and we do our best to ensure you can shop guilt-free. To keep our casual sandals for ladies responsibly sourced, we use only vegan and faux leather. Our clothing and shoes never use animal products — sandals included!

We also strive to keep our products all-American! When you shop Pink Lily, you’re choosing American-made or designed items. Add to your closet candy today with help from Pink Lily!