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10 Self-Tanning Tips

10 self tanning tips
Whether you are brand new to self-tanning or getting back into your skin care routine, these self-tanning tips are for you! Using a combination of Pink Lily Beauty Luxury Tan Sunless Tanning Foam and Pink Lily Beauty Luxury Tan Glow Drops is guaranteed to give you the sun-kissed glow your are looking for with a customizable tanning experience that's so easy to maintain.
exfoliate before using self-tanner
1. Exfoliate first! Use our exfoliator mitt and shave prior to application.
moisturize any dry areas
2. Moisturize any dry areas (elbows, knees, ankles, and feet).
self-tanning legs before and after
3. Don't rush the process. Apply your tanner methodically, beginning with your legs and working your way up.
how to use a tanning mitt
4. Using the mitt: apply the foam with a mitt using circular motions.
tanning your hands and feet
5. Finish up by using excess product on your mitt or a make-up brush to tan your hands and feet for a lightweight finish!
how to get a darker self-tan
6. To get a darker tan: Apply a second layer of mousse 60 seconds after your first layer. Leave your mousse on for 3+ hours before rinsing.
when to tan for an event
7. If tanning for a special event: Apply your tan 2 days prior, allowing time to apply another layer if desired.
cleanse your face before using glow drops
8. Prior to using glow drops to tan your face, cleanse and exfoliate so you start with clean, smooth skin.
How to use self-tanner glow drops
9. Tanning your face: Mix Glow Drops with your favorite moisturizer or serum.
2-4 drops for a sun-kissed glow
5-8 drops for a warm golden tan
9-12 drops for a bronzed tan
maintaining self-tan
10. Maintain your tan: Keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing daily.