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Our Story

Chris and Tori Gerbig Founders of Pink Lily

“At the start of 2014, my husband Chris and I took a leap of faith. Like millions of other innovative and hard-working Americans, we decided to start a business. And like our fellow entrepreneurs, we had hopes and dreams – but no clue as to what the future held.

Pink Lily was born from an eBay shop that was more like a side hobby. When we transitioned it to an established website and officially launched the business in 2014, we had a 7-month-old baby and zero investment capital. Without funding or assurances of what was ahead, we took the risk and set ambitious goals. I focused on leveraging my knowledge of sales and social media to grow our reach while Chris incorporated his business strategy and finance expertise to structure our operations. We were soon shipping thousands of orders from our living room.

Today Pink Lily has become one of the fastest-growing online retailers in America, bringing women an ever-changing assortment of apparel, footwear, and accessories. Our growth has been quick, but it hasn’t changed who we are. Pink Lily is still a family-owned and family-run business, proudly based in our hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Since day one, we’ve focused on bringing fashion, positivity, and community to our customers. Their daily engagement and input have shaped our curation while motivating us always to do better and be better in everything we create.”

--Tori Gerbig, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Vision

We believe that all women are beautiful. We’re committed to representing and serving women of every shape, size, and color—today and always.

Fashion isn’t just fun; it should inspire confidence and help empower women to feel great.

Pink Lily is the embodiment of the values we impart within our family and seek to share with our customers. We always strive to do better in everything we produce, our relationships, and the company culture.

I love hearing from our customers about what you love, what inspires you, what makes you feel confident, and more – you can always find me on Instagram @ToriGerbig.

Welcome to the Pink Lily family!