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Exclusive Interview: Living My Best Style X Pink Lily

living my best style interview
Get the inside scoop about her new fall collection from Katy herself!
How did the collaboration start?
Katy: Well… no secret. I love me some Pink Lily AND the team! It was easy! If you have been around here for a while, you know there was a fall launch before. It was so much fun and such a hit, we decided to go for it again!
Did you have inspiration or ideas in mind of what you wanted the pieces to look like?
Katy: Yes! I think the jacket and the sweatshirt were two items I had stored up in my head for awhile and couldn’t wait for them to come to fruition. The sweatshirt says “see the good” and the jacket is engraved with “be kind." I actually have a tattoo that says “see the good” and it is a daily reminder!
What did the overall process of putting together a collection look like? 
Katy: Way more than what you may think- and in SUCH a good way! It’s actually a very long process… for instance, one of the items has been in the making for over a year- since last fall almost! You first have to decide your vibe.. what are you going for and what’s your style. From there, the Pink Lily team and I grab inspo pictures or draw up what we are thinking and then the waiting game happens! You find a manufacturer to make up the product, get it and try it out, cut an inch off or change the fabric or add ruffle, ship it back, repeat- usually a few times! Lol! You have got to get it down perfect! Then when it’s all perfect, it gets sent out to you guys!”
What was your favorite part about this process?
Katy: This one is so hard….I would say the final step of photographing everything. It is SO exciting to put something on your body and take awesome photos in an awesome city and be like..."wow, I made that! I helped design that and I love it!" But I also love the very beginning of gathering ideas and nailing down a final look and style.
Which piece is your favorite from the collection?
Katy: I was giggling while in Boston shooting this because I was adding sneak peeks to my stories and I think every single one I said- “oh my gosh this is probably my favorite." It’s SO hard. I think they all hold a different feeling and look, but if I HAD to nail down one thing…I suppose the See the Good Sweatshirt. I’m a sweatshirt gal!! Through and through! I will get so much use out of it, I love everything it stands for, and I absolutely love the cute and material of it!!”
see the good sweatshirt
Which style do you want to wear on repeat?
Katy: Um the Fenway Embroidered Collar Cord Jacket and Commonwealth V-Neck Sweater Bodysuit Ivory FOR SURE!! I put that outfit on and was like this is IT! That was another sneak peek on stories and by the look of my messages…I think y’all might have felt the same! I just felt so comfortable and cute in that.
ivory bodysuit
What was your ultimate goal for the creation of your collection?
Katy: Comfortable, affordable, sustainable. I wanted these to be items that you could pair SO many different ways and many of them could transition through seasons as well. It was also really important to me to implement that aspect of wearing “be kind or see the good” on your sleeve so to speak. Things can be really dark these days. There’s so much happening in the world and I think it’s so important to remember those two things.
Where would you wear Sullivan Square Mock Neck Floral Dress Olive?
Katy: I would wear the dress to literally any event! This thing is perfect! Church? Girls brunch? Holiday event? Family photos? It’s great and it has built in shorts! Can’t beat that.
Do you have any occasions or destinations in mind for any of the other items?
Katy: Ahhh… sadly not. Mom life! Lol! But like I said, I think all these items are great for everyday life and I will 100% be incorporating these styles in my daily life here at home- just not rocking them on the streets of Paris! But, if you are… have a cocktail for me and send me a pic!
Describe your collection in three words.
Katy: Inclusive. Timeless. But technically my own little term that I’ve been using is “elevated everyday style."
Which style from your collection would you consider the "season essential" or "closet staple?"
Katy: Oooo! Love this! Probably the skirt! I was blown away by this item. I wouldn’t say a skirt is something I typically grab out of my closet. Sometimes they can be hard to style. You can ask the Pink Lily team during the photoshoot.  Every time we had to style a top I was like, “ooo!! I wanna pair with the skirt….. again…. Sorry…” Lol! I paired it with a bodysuit and tennis shoes, sweater, and booties. I feel like you could do a tank bodysuit and sandals in the summer or a turtleneck sweater and over the knee boots in the winter. I just could not stop grabbing the dang skirt! Love it!
denim skirt
What element of the collection launch are you most looking forward to?
Katy: Praying you guys love it!! I can’t wait to see everyone in their styles and I think last time I was blown away because I kept looking at photos from y’all- and was like "OMG!! I love how she styled that or paired that.. I never would have though of that!!" Just goes to show how everyone has their own look and style and I love seeing that.
Check out more behind the scenes footage below!
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