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How to Get that Perfect Instagram Pic

instagram photography tips blog

Our own Social Media Manager, Megan is sharing her tips and tricks to get the perfect Instagram picture with your phone! Get an inside look at how we create content for our own Instagram + get inspiration for how to shoot the perfect IG post in your #PinkLilyStyle.


  • Don't crop off the models head or feet. Instagram ratio will crop the photo down even further so leave space above the photo to allow room to crop into a 4x5.
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  • Wipe off your iphone camera lens before a shot! They get dirty in your pockets and purse! 
  • Have your model be in full sun OR full shade to be able to edit easier. Make sure the model faces toward the sun or natural light and don't put it behind them. For example, the photo below was taken in full shade.
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  • If shooting indoors, get as close to natural light as you can and turn off any fluorescent lighting.

picture by a window

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  • Give yourself options! Have your model switch up poses, hair, and different angles (mouth-down, sitting, standing, etc.).
taupe polka dot swimsuit

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  • Make sure the mirror is clean when you take mirror pics. Any dirt will show up reflected on your outfit especially if you are wearing dark colors.
  • Mirror your photos afterward, especially if wearing a graphic so that the words can easily be read.
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  • Use Pink Lily presets to make your photos more vibrant or give your IG feed an aesthetic! 

presets pink lily

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Pink Lily Presets

Edit your phone pictures in just a few steps! These presets transform your dull photo into a beautifully vibrant photo, and are sure to add a pop of color into your life! Presets are compatible with the Adobe Lightroom app downloadable in the app store. Summer Presets are available individually or purchase the Preset Bundle to receive a bonus preset!