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How to Style a Graphic Tee

how to style a graphic tee

Here's the "tee" on how to style your favorite t-shirt! Vintage graphic tees, oversized graphic tees, western graphic tees, retro graphic tees, sports graphic tees - Pink Lily has them all! This go-to closet staple offers endless styling options. Wear graphic tees on-the-go or dress one up with a midi dress. The possibilities are infinite when styling womens graphic tees.

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1. Biker Shorts 

biker shorts graphic tee outfits

    Size up in your favorite tee and pair with biker shorts for the comfiest, on-trend outfit! This is easily the best outfit for running errands or keeping up with your mini-me. All you need is an oversized graphic tee and your go-to pair of biker shorts. Complete the look with some white sneakers or bright colored slides. You won't find better custom graphic tees than at Pink Lily.

    2. High-waisted Shorts 

    athletic shorts

    So many of our high-waisted, bestselling athletic shorts coordinate perfectly with our favorite graphic tees. Be sure to grab your pair of workout shorts before they sell out! With 15+ patterns and colors to choose from, you'll want a color of the Errands to Run Workout Shorts to wear every day of the week. Mix and match your favorite tees with so many color options of active shorts to choose from.

    3. Midi Dress

    midi dress t-shirt outfits

      A fun way to get more wear out of your favorite midi dress! Layer your go-to tee and knot it above the waist. Pink graphic tees, white graphic tees, black graphic tees, purple graphic tees - no matter what color graphic tee you are searching for - we've got a design for you so you can coordinate your favorite t-shirts with your favorite bottoms, dresses, or shoes.

      4. Classic Denim Shorts

      denim shorts

        You can never go wrong with your favorite t-shirt and denim shorts combo. Throw on and go or knot your tee for a new look. You can also front-tuck your shirt into your jean shorts for a different styling. Need a tutorial on how to front tuck your t-shirt or tie up your graphic tee? Keep scrolling!

        5. Swimsuit Coverup

        swim coverup ideas

          Size up your tee so you can throw it on over your swimsuit on the way to the pool or beach. Instant cover-up option! It's also a great back up if you're starting to get too much sun and need more coverage from the UV rays.

          6. Tennis Skirt

          tennis skirt tshirt outfits

            A go-to 2023 clothing trend: tennis active skirts! They’re so easy to style and comfortable to wear and our not just for tennis courts or gold courses. You can tie up your tee to style with your active skirt. With multiple color options, the outfits are endless!



            Bonus Styling Hack! A new way to tie your tee:

            Step 1: Take both sides and twist together twice

            Step 2: Tuck the ends under your shirt to secure!

            Step 1: Grab your tee

            Step 2: Pull through belt loop

            Step 3: Tuck end into shorts/jeans


            The options don’t end here! Check out this video to see four ways Sam styles her favorite graphic tees.

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