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The Story behind Pink Lily Beauty - 5 Minutes with Founder, Tori Gerbig

pink lily beauty launch

How Tori Gerbig Launched Pink Lily Beauty

Pink Lily Founder, Tori Gerbig shares her inspiration behind launching Pink Lily Beauty.

What inspired you to launch Pink Lily Beauty? 

Tori: We launched Pink Lily back in 2014 and are fortunate to have built an extremely loyal community over the last decade. Part of our success has been staying close to the customer. We talk to them every day through our social platforms, asking what they’re looking for, like what kind of graphic tees they want, or what’s missing in swimwear, which has really set us apart from the big-box brands. When we realized that we were getting asked more and more about what color lipstick or blush our models were wearing in the fashion shots, we realized there was an opportunity to be a one-stop destination for our customer by giving her access to on-trend makeup forms and shades that she could use to complete her Pink Lily look.

pink lily beauty makeup

What was your vision for Pink Lily Beauty? 

Tori: I’m a mom of three, I have a busy job and lots of obligations – I don’t have an hour every single day to throw my make-up on. Like most of our customers, I’m looking for simplicity and convenience – and when it comes to beauty (or fashion) that means offering high quality, multi-use products that fit into all aspects of our lives from work to hanging out with friends to special occasions. Whether she’s dressing the same top up or down, or using one eye pencil as a liner, definer or shadow, it’s less space, less waste, but also – just easier.  

What do you feel sets Pink Lily Makeup apart from other beauty brands? 

Tori: We offer a lot of value for what she’s getting. Our entire collection of tinted lip oils, blush and highlighting drops, liquid eyeshadows, hybrid lipstick and lip liners, dual eyeshadow and eyeliner pencils, and brow gel and pencils are vegan, cruelty-free and priced under $22. They are also infused with skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic-acid derivative sodium hyaluronate, shea butter, vitamins C & E, meadowfoam seed oil and a variety of fruit extracts – which not only helps streamline our customer’s beauty routine, but also boosts skin health during wear. Finally, as fashion brand, we wanted a shade range that was classic, that would enhance her natural beauty, and provide the perfect finishing touch for any occasion.

Why was it important to you to invest in clean formulas? 

Tori: I’ve suffered through pre-cancerous skin cells and moles, and have a family history of breast cancer, which has inspired me to incorporate healthier options into my family’s life – including makeup and personal care products. That’s why it was important that all our Pink Lily Beauty formulas include nourishing elements that benefit skin, but remain free-from harmful, toxic “ick” ingredients. We even have The Ick List™ on our website - our comprehensive index of 1000+ ingredients that you will never see in our formulations.  

What Pink Lily Beauty product can you not live without? 

Tori: I am addicted to our Blooming Gloss Tinted Lip Oils that were recently featured in Forbes. I love that they were designed to pick up the undertones of my natural lip color so I can literally wear any of the colors. Plus, you know I like anything that helps me streamline my beaty routine, so with these I get the color but can skip the lip balm because the Hyaluronic Acid and Acai, Goji and Elderberry fruit extracts in the formula help my lips stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.

 lip oils forbes magazine