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Pink Lily Beauty Tips: How to Apply Double Bloom Dual Lipstick and Lip Liner

pink lily makeup tutorials

The best lip liner and lipstick all in one, multitasking product! Here's how to apply this go-to makeup essential. This long lasting lip liner and lipstick is available in richly pigmented shades and contains Vitamin E to help nourish lips. Choose a red lip liner with the Your Berry Best shade. For a natural lip liner, we love the Peachy Please combo. This lip liner will become a staple in your makeup bag!

Double Bloom Lipstick & Liner

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1. Start with the lip liner end and evenly outline and define the lips for a fuller look.

outline lips with lip liner

2. Create vertical lines on lower lip to create fullness and emulate natural lip lines.

Create vertical lines on lower lip

3. Repeat on upper lip or fill lips entirely to enhance the wear time of lipstick.

how to apply lip liner

4. Apply the thicker lipstick pencil to fill lips with rich, buildable color.

lip liner beauty tips

5. Achieve defined, voluminous looking lips!

lip liner how to

6. Use the Pink Lily Beauty multi pencil sharpener to keep the pencil sharp and fresh!

how to use a sharpener

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7. Pair our Double Bloom Lipstick & Lip Liner with our Blooming Gloss Tinted Lip Oil for a dimensional, long-lasting lip look!

lip stick and lip oil color combos

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