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Pink Lily Beauty Tips: How to Apply Radiant Bloom Highlighting Drops

how to use liquid highlighter
Our iconic highlighter drops are multi-use for face, eye, and body. Shop the liquid highlighter in two brilliant shades: sparkling rose and champagne splash. Here's a quick and easy makeup tutorial to apply this go-to makeup essential. Whether you're doing an elevated full face makeup look or a quick 10 minute makeup routine, our highlighter drops will give your skin a lustrous sheen that brightens and lifts your complexion instantly. You're going to love this best liquid illuminator that's effortlessly buildable.
pink lily liquid glow highlighter

1. Shake well before using.

liquid highlighter drops

2. Tilt the bottle and push the bottom dropper with your finger to release the perfect does of shimmer.

how to apply highlighter drops

3. Apply to high points of the face for a natural glow. Blend with fingers, sponge, or brush.

how to apply liquid highlighter

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 if needed to reach desired glow.

how to apply liquid highlighter