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Pink Lily Luxury Tan Reviews: 10 Reasons to try our Self-Tanner Foam

pink lily luxury tan reviews blog

Searching for the best self tanner but hesitant to try something new? Hear first hand accounts of the Pink Lily Luxury Tan Self-tanner from customers. From quality reviews, raves about ingredients, to ease of application, you're going to want to give this gradual self tanner a try! Take a look at 10 customer reviews that will have you wanting to try Pink Lily Luxury Self-Tanner Foam.

1. Delivered right to your door!

the best self-tanner
"I usually get someone to come to my home and spray me. I tried this stuff and I love it!"
- Brandy

2. Clean Ingredients

clean beauty self-tanner
"It is all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I cannot recommend this enough!"
- Jennifer K.

3. Easy to use!

easy to apply self-tanner foam

"So easy to apply. Dries fast!"

- Becca

4. Customizable Tan with Natural Finish

affordable self tanner

"Confidence in a bottle! This works wonders! No streaks, no orange, no mess. Love it."

- Holly

5. Nourished & Conditions Skin

moisturizing self-tanner

"My skin after using PL tanner has never felt more moisturized."

- Kaitlyn

6. Sunkissed Glow

self-tanner reviews

"I love that it makes me looked sunkissed and not orange like other self tanners."

- Ashley K.

7. Light Coconut Scent

light coconut scented self-tanner

"Blends well and does not leave a strong odor."

- Candice

8. Streak-free

tanning mitt

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"I used the tanning mitt to apply and it was streak-free."

- Kelsey

9. Even tan!

before and after self-tanner

"Makes your skin looks so even and smooth. Love how it’s not orange or green undertone. It’s the perfect tan."

- Antonella

10. Affordable!

affordable self-tanner foam product

"You can’t beat this! The quality and price are unmatched!"

- Reagan

 pink lily luxury tan reviews

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