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Pink Lily Partners with Hope for Fertility Foundation

hope for fertility foundation

Recap: Pink Lily Partners with Hope for Fertility Foundation

Each year, around the start of summer, Pink Lily chooses an organization to support for Pink Lily Day. This year, we celebrated the 2021 Pink Lily Day with a 25% off sitewide sale and a goal to donate $15,000 from the day’s sales to the Hope for Fertility Foundation. Their mission is to “provide HOPE to couples struggling in their journey to create or expand their families, by helping them tell their story, by spreading infertility awareness, and providing financial assistance through grants and fundraisers." Additionally, the organization offers financial assistance towards surrogacy and adoption. This organization was selected in part because of CEO Tori Gerbig’s own experience and journey with infertility, “Chris and I went through IVF a few years ago and it is very expensive. It was really important for me to find a foundation that we can donate to that helps people who just want to have a family.”

pink lily day


About 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. Founders Chase and Tedi Palmer began the Hope for Fertility Foundation in the midst of their own infertility journey. Their ultimate goal is to help people bridge the gap between infertility and fertility.

Pink Lily reached out to ambassadors to share their journeys and experiences with IVF.

“Advocating for infertility and helping families that are going through infertility is just so crucial and so important because we need to change these conversations. We need to normalize conversations about reoccurring miscarriages and infertility. How it affects families and what women are going through. So for me infertility wasn’t really something I fully understood until I was going through it. It’s hard to wrap your mind around. It’s literally just a heartbreaking gut wrenching thing.This is a very challenging, expensive journey.”

- Kortney Lavey

“The fertility journey for many is such a silent burden to bear. I have found that through my own struggles with infertility and going through IVF a couple years ago I remember how important it was for me to make connections and hear other people’s stories. I say this as a banner and an acknowledgement that this is probably the most difficult thing that a person, a family, a couple - whoever is seeking - to go through. But, through all of this being able to know that there’s others who understand and are walking with you too.”

- Ashley Herndon

“Infertility wasn’t something that we imagine in our marriage. We were so overwhelmed with so much happiness and having a child of our own and sharing this life together that we knew that we had to figure out a way. So a year later we went through IVF. It was a long process. Was very expensive. They were able to extract 16 eggs and one turned into my beautiful, healthy baby boy.”

- Emily Herndon

“Ten years ago, maybe a little more than that, I was about 20 years old. I was pregnant for the first time. I was told that there was no heartbeat. That was probably one of the most devastating days of my life. After that I went on to have two more miscarriages which were even harder. I decided to get more opinions. I had tests ran. I was a little intimidated because I thought how will I ever have a healthy child and I’m here to tell you that there is hope. Here I am by sharing my story. I hope that I can give someone hope because you just gotta keep going.”

- Brooke Harrison

Thanks to your support, Pink Lily successfully reached their goal of $15,000 to donate to the Hope for Fertility Foundation!


pink lily day goal reached