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What to Wear to a Formal Event

what to wear to a formal event

Wondering what to wear to a formal event? We have listed the best formal outfits for various formal occasions. You don't need to worry about being under or overdressed! This is your official formal event styles guide. We’ll make sure you’re feeling beautiful and confident in whatever outfit you choose. 

Charity Galas

what to wear to a gala

Any kind of fundraiser event or charity gala calls for bold colors. Don’t worry about toning down your formal outfit. This is your opportunity to pull out those showstopping, stunning styles. Floor-length dresses are definitely going to be your go-to regardless of the hue you choose to wear.  

Garden Party

floral dresses

    The perfect excuse for to wear floral dresses! This is the time to bring out all those beautiful prints you've been wanting to wear. It's so fun to style these types of formal outfits with bright accessories and shoes.

    Art Shows 

    what to wear to an art show

    Attending a gallery opening or art show is a great opportunity to express yourself through fashion. You can be more whimsical and trendy with your outfit choice.

    You can get away with midi or knee length fits as well. The cut or body of the dress can also be less reserved or conservative. Don't be scared to make a statement with your formal attire. You will be surrounded by creative people who appreciate art.


    what to wear to a ball

    The go-to dress style for balls is definitely a-line style with a flowy skirt. When choosing a color for your formal outfit, you can't go wrong with elegant hues. Gold, champagne, white, and any type of jewel tone are all great options.  

    Formal Wedding 

    what to wear to a formal wedding

    Dressing for a formal wedding calls for more neutral and solid hues. Choose a dress with amazing details to avoid taking attention away from the bride. Avoid solid white or ivory colors as well as elaborate prints in your formal outfits. We love wrap dresses or sheer layers for this type of occasion. High-neck dresses with a side slit are also stunning options. 


    what to wear to a ceremony

    Ceremonies such as a graduation or awards banquets may require a more professional or classy look. However, this does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Think darker hues and neutrals with classic necklines or lengths. Truly timeless styles that you can wear for years to come.

    Looking for more outfit inspo for your next wedding? Check out our Wedding Style Guide.

    wedding style guide