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Trendy necklaces are accent jewelry pieces that can take any outfit to the next level – giving you added visual appeal. Depending on the style you choose to wear, necklaces can be captivating, heartwarming, identifying or sophisticated. Sometimes, the same design creates all of the above and that’s why it’s so much fun picking out the ones that go with a wide range of potential outfits. In this collection of boutique necklaces, you can find a nice variety of styles. For instance, if you’re looking for pretty necklaces, check out styles that feature precious stones. If cute chokers are appealing, look at styles with a layered choker necklace design. For a personal touch, an initial necklace, word necklace or heart pendant style may be what you desire.

Personal and Meaningful Styles

Boutique necklaces can be a beautiful way to express a sentiment that connects with you personally. A good example of this type of necklace design is the “Mama” necklace. These necklaces typically pair a delicate silver or gold chain with a pendant crafted to spell out the word mama. For moms, this necklace can have deep meaning and they are likely to attract comments and compliments. The initial/letter necklace is another way to express personal identity by choosing the initial that represents a first or last name. An example may be a gold or silver choker necklace with an initial pendant.

Sweet and Romantic Styles

On days when you want to convey innocence or sweetness, look for necklaces that offer dainty, ultra-feminine designs. For you, this may be a pink necklace or a design featuring a single pearl. Looking for romantic styles? One idea is a dainty lock pendant hanging on a delicate chain. Another romantic option is the heart pendant necklace.

Wear the Layered Look

If you like cute chokers and pretty necklaces of all types, you may enjoy wearing the layered necklace. These are trendy necklaces that feature two or more tiers of chains within the same design. This is a unique look to wear with your favorite boutique tops and dresses.