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At Pink Lily Beauty, we know that no one needs makeup, but we offer a unique selection of affordable products to accentuate your natural beauty and make your confidence bloom.​

We’ve created the Pink Lily Beauty line for everyday life – with multitasking products, good-for-you ingredients, and vegan, cruelty-free formulas with incredible performance to help you feel like your best and beautiful self.​
Pink Lily Beauty prides itself on making clean products with skin-loving ingredients and free-from harmful, toxic ones. The Ick List™ is our comprehensive index of 1000+ ingredients that you will never see in our formulations. Each product is thoughtfully developed with nourishing elements that benefit skin while maintaining an impressive overall performance, allowing you to create beautiful everyday looks without worrying about the product contents. ​

Feel confident knowing that you are wearing consciously-made products that feature a unique blend of both naturally-derived and performance-driven ingredients, without the ick.​

Pink Lily Beauty products have been created with the understanding that amazing cosmetics don't need to come at the cost of harming our furry friends. All of our formulations exclude animal derived ingredients and undergo no animal testing of any kind. ​

Harnessing the benefits of both naturally-based and performance-driven ingredients has allowed us to make an impressive assortment of products without compromising our ethics or values. As Pink Lily Beauty grows, we will continually strive to create highly effective products that are both vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring that individual ingredients as well as finished formulas are only tested by our willing team members and qualified professionals. ​
Pink Lily Beauty was conceived for the busy woman on the go, who doesn't typically have time to spend 45 minutes applying a vast assortment of makeup. This thoughtful selection of multi-use products allows for a minimalist beauty routine that makes application quick and effortless. While simplifying your routine, this unique and versatile product offering enables you to use fewer products, creating less waste.​

Pink Lily Beauty has worked to responsibly and sustainably source ingredients and packaging, creating concepts that have limited packaging footprints and leave little waste at end of use – like our sharpenable pencils. Pink Lily Beauty products are packaged with FSC certified, sustainably sourced cartons that keep forest health in mind. As Pink Lily Beauty grows, we are committed to striving toward greater sustainability efforts while creating exceptional beauty products that leave their mark on you, not on the environment.​