Floral Dresses

Pick out a boutique floral dress for your next snazzy function. A short or long floral print dress is the perfect choice for both casual occasions and daily wear. Flowers are versatile, not to mention being in at the moment. Some patterns are made for laid-back days, while others are exactly what you need for a daytime party. You can even go the formal floral route for fancy affairs. There's a floral pattern out there for everyone. Long or short, prepare to snag just the right dress.

The Everyday Wardrobe

Why not wear a boutique floral dress every day of the week? Baby doll silhouettes are back, coming straight at you from the 1990s. Don't forget your Doc Martens and choker necklaces. Retro-inspired frocks with belled sleeves, high necklines, and short hems are all the rage. Step out looking Boho chic in an ankle-length maxi dress. Find something to slip into on those days when it feels like you have nothing to wear. A floral frock can become your go-to outfit.

Fierce Florals

Floral dresses have worked their way into the formal scene, too. Why not strut your stuff in a floral cocktail dress? You can even find a long floral print dress that will be a showstopper at your next fancy function. Black and white are a classic combo. A halter neckline adds an elegant touch.

It's time to give floral prints a try. Create a bit of drama or add a sunny, happy vibe to your day. Pink Lily has a boutique floral dress for every mood, too!