Lounge and Athletic Wear

Boutique Loungewear

Don't compromise your style when you hit the gym or lounge around the house! Let Pink Lily handle your workout attire for cute, comfy gear you can sweat it out in! Our workout and lounge gear is inspired by athleisure wear—which means you can wear it to more than just the gym. Check out our selection for pieces you can mix and match everywhere you go.

Fit & Size

Our boutique loungewear comes in various sizes and styles to ensure a good fit for many different body types and fit preferences. Gentle, breathable fabrics make working out a breeze, as they're made to keep you cool and feeling fresh. Check our sizing guide and personal customer reviews to get the best fit in each of our designs.

Designs & Styles

Pink Lily ensures that we always have a variety of boutique loungewear pieces. Whether you're searching for bras and tanks or pullovers and tees, we carry tons of cute styles—some are even from our Southern ladies' Brand Apparel collections. Shop now to find new, comfy pieces to add to your wardrobe!

Pink Lily proudly sources all of our fashion in the U.S. to ensure high-quality products.
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